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Gala Tent Survey Reveals Less Is More with Market Stall Branding

A recent survey by South Yorkshire based marquee and pop up gazebo manufacturer Gala Tent has revealed that 90 per cent of people prefer to shop at market stalls with subtle branding. The online survey, which questioned 827 members of the general public asked ‘What level of branding would make you more likely to approach a market stall?’

A ‘simple logo’ was sufficient to attract more than a third of respondents, gaining the highest proportion of votes (33.7%).

Ryan Bracha, business development and marketing manager at Gala Tent, explains: “We supply hundreds of pop up gazebos and awnings every year to market traders and we offer the option to brand their tent to promote their business. We always advise against over branding, but subtle branding really works and helps to reinforce a message with customers.”

“We recently became the Official Supplier of Merchandise for the Love Your Local Market (LYLM) campaign and the branding on these products is well designed, but not too brash and is really making a difference in transforming the traditional image of markets.”

The survey results found that more than 90% of respondents favoured a subtle approach to branding. However, the survey revealed more than a quarter of people said stalls still need to display clearly presented information.

Ryan adds: “Branding is all about appealing to your audience and getting across the right message but not in an overly promotional way. Over-branded stalls run the risk of putting off customers and are better suited to more corporate venues — such as trade shows or large exhibitions.”

Founded in 1999, Gala Tent now sells over 10,000 tents and marquees each year, along with around 90,000 event accessories and furniture products in the UK. In the UK, Gala Tent is a preferred supplier for organisations including the military, NHS, the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, South Yorkshire Police Service, St John’s Ambulance and AA, as well as to thousands of homeowners nationally.