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“Genuine deals, not an ego boost for sales”, urge eCommerce experts ahead of peak season preparation

Peak Seasons Webinar

Remaining honest with customers over price and focussing on user experience are the keys to maximising sales during busy festive periods, online retail specialists claim.

Speaking at an eCommerce event at hosting firm UKFast’s Manchester Campus, Emma Warrington, Head of Digital at fashion giant Forever Unique, said: “Peak seasons have become an ego boost for sales spikes. Busy periods and holidays should be about offering genuine deals to your customers, and less focussed on sales numbers.”

The claim comes after online sales 19.3% as a proportion of all retailing in May of this year, according the Office of National Statistics.

Lisa Hargrave, Partner at racket retailer PDH Sports, concurred that too many brands are falsely advertising and deceiving their customers into thinking they are buying a bargain.

She explained: “For retailing events like Black Friday, you need to be offering genuine deals to your customers like exclusive packages which can be pushed out on social media, and mean consumers come to you over your competition.” “Too many retailers buy items at a discount, then convince customers they are receiving a sale item,” she continued.

The comments come as eCommerce businesses prepare for a Christmas period expected to see the highest proportion of online retail sales to date.

Alex Ayin, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at eCommerce platform Mercarto, agreed that making the customer feel valued is the key to success during peak seasons.

He explained: “To really boost your customer base during busy periods, you need to offer them something remarkable. On Blue Monday – marketed as the least happy day of the year – we sent out sweets in every customer package with a note saying ‘Have a nice day!’, and the image was shared over 4,000 times across social channels.”

Ayin further emphasised the importance of showing customers consideration – along with standing out against competition – as the crucial elements to maximising peak season sales.

The experts encouraged brands to treat social influencers promoting their items as brand ambassadors, not just public figures being paid, to demonstrate the personality behind the brand often lost in the fast-paced eCommerce market.

Emma Warrington emphasised that focussing on the customer delivers results in sales as well as reputation for online businesses: “It’s valuable to stand back and work out what your business needs to spend money on. If you’re not trying new things, you’re in the wrong game.”

The comments were made at a UKFast eCommerce webinar in Manchester.