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Global Spirit eyes expansion as demand for ethical tourism audits soar

Manchester-based Global Spirit Animals In Tourism Limited is predicting further growth as holidaymakers around the world pay closer attention to the welfare of animals at international tourist resorts.

Global Spirit, the specialist animal welfare auditor, was launched by experienced professional Hayley Lynagh in 2015 after she developed a comprehensive, peer reviewed audit process for the travel and tourism industry.

A growing portfolio of tour operators, cruise lines, ground operators and suppliers use the robust audit process she developed which measures the quality of their ‘animal footprint’ against established industry welfare criteria.

Clients include Thomas Cook Group, Virgin Holidays, Carnival and Buffalo Tours.

The business is on target to achieve a £150,000 turnover by the end of this year and on track for £500,000 by 2020 thanks to a clutch of new contracts.

In total, the company has audited over 100 facilities in more than 20 different countries including Mexico, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cuba, USA and the Dominican Republic.

The company expects to announce a series of new transatlantic deals with USA based clients which will come to fruition in 2019 and stimulate new jobs at its Manchester city centre headquarters on Deansgate.

Hayley Lynagh, director of Global Spirit, said:

“Tourists from all around the world are paying an increasing level of attention to the welfare of animals at resorts and using it as a major consideration in their choice of activity.

“We are continuing to see the industry as a whole place animal welfare increasingly higher on their agenda as they recognise the important role travel and tourism has to play in raising standards and bring about global change.

“By measuring their excursions against increasingly complex, internationally recognised criteria, and being transparent with customers they are able to offer assurance to people who are increasingly passionate about the welfare of animals.

“Making positive changes post audit is fundamental and we provide individualised reports which include an overview of the facility alongside detailed improvement recommendations where minimum requirements have not been met. We are proud to be playing a positive role in driving up animal welfare standards across the world.”