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Harrogate start-up hits the streets to spread workplace wellness

Harrogate based start up T Plus Drinks have launched a workplace wellness campaign across the local area and beyond. The company have teamed up with local businesses and Harrogate council to encourage staff to be more active on their lunch breaks.

Husband and wife duo James and Jade Dawson created T Plus with the intention of making a new generation of nutrient dense, healthy hot drinks.

The company have been giving out vitamin packed tea to employees to spread a little health, whilst campaigning under the #OpportunityOfALunchtime message. James and his team are leading by example and showcasing what can be achieved in a lunchtime once you get away from your desk.

For example, in partnership with Harrogate council, T Plus are giving local businesses discounts to The Hydro pool in order to get their employees active (and the chance to cool down in the heatwave!). The Tea Plus Team will be at the Hydro on Wednesday 8th August sharing some vitamin tea and joining in the afternoons activities.

The average person spends 12 hours a day sitting down, whether it’s at work, driving, eating or just watching TV in the evenings. Sedentary lifestyles are believed to be most the unanticipated health threats of our modern world. However, new research is suggested that if we stand up, sit less and move more, we can make great improvements to our health.

Founder James says: “In life before T Plus, I was stuck in a pressured 9-6 job that involved sitting and staring at a computer screen all day which made my health suffer.

“We started T Plus to help people make simple, small changes that can help us in our wellness goals. That’s why we wanted to do our bit to help in workplace wellness around our home town and get people thinking how they spend their lunch breaks this week.”

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T Plus is the brainchild of local tea lover and entrepreneur James Dawson. His aim was to create a new range of ‘smarter tea’ that brings a new category of healthy, functional and great tasting drinks to the UK.