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Harry takes to the driving seat as youngest ever certified car detailer

An 18-year old entrepreneur from Hessle has become the youngest ever certified car detailer after receiving certification from car care product manufacturer GYEON.

Harry Hall, founder of Attention to Detail Automotive (ATD)’s certification means he can now access and use exclusive detailing products from his bespoke studio in Hessle, East Yorkshire, to maintain his customer’s cars to the highest standards possible.

Car detailing is the process of meticulously cleansing, polishing and protecting all aspects of a vehicle in order to restore and enhance its appearance often to a better than showroom condition.

Discussing his path into the detailing industry, Harry says: “Three years ago, I decided to set up Attention to Detail to fulfil a desire to see cars cared for as they should be. I’ve always had a passion for cars, but nothing frustrated me more than seeing these beautiful works of art being improperly cared for.”

On receiving his GYEON certification, he says: “GYEON produces some of the industry’s best globally awarded products from maintenance products to professional ceramic coatings and is widely regarded as the best specialist detailing brand on the market today.”

“To be certified by the company is a huge achievement for ATD and myself, especially at such a young age.”
Since founding ATD Harry has detailed a vast range of luxury and super cars, having first become interested in cars at school.

From the age of 14, he studied detailing processes in his spare time and began providing basic cleaning services on weekends and evenings after school.

Harry says: “When I first started the business, I underestimated how quickly my client base would build up. One customer led to another and before I knew it I had too many cars to look after and not enough time to fit them all in whilst I was still at school!”

A year in, Harry invested in a state-of-art detailing facility, complete with bespoke lighting, a vehicle lift and some of the best detailing equipment on the market. He now works on some of the most prestigious car brands in the country, including Ferrari, Porsche and Rolls-Royce.

“Detailing is no quick process, often it can take up to 100 hours to perfectly clean, correct and protect a car.” Harry says.

“Detailing an expensive or prestigious vehicle should be seen as an investment. Giving it the best start in life with the correct protection and maintenance, you can keep it in showroom condition, no matter how hard you drive it.”

He added: “ATD’s services aren’t just for used vehicles. If you bring me a new car, I can make it look better than when it rolled off the showroom floor.”

ATD’s services have spread via word of mouth, and Harry’s client base now includes a string of celebrity clients including MPs, professional footballers as well as local business owners, all of whom trust his meticulous approach to detailing and maintaining their vehicles.

“I have had the privilege of working on some truly amazing cars and am now receiving request from customers with many different needs, from vintage Ferraris to brand new Range Rovers.” Harry says.

“I’ve recently taken on a job for a client in Marbella. He is flying me and all my equipment out there to detail his new vehicle.”

As his business continues to prosper, Harry has now invested in a new Volkswagen Caddy van, complete with some of the best maintenance equipment and products to allow him to now also provide mobile maintenance services, travelling to clients’ homes and to keeping their cars looking immaculate all year round.

Harry’s next ambition is to expand ATD beyond East Yorkshire, opening new studios with the aim being to eventually hire a team to run the day-to-day operations:

“I think ATD offers a bespoke service for car enthusiasts and anyone that wants to understand how to properly maintain and care for their vehicle. My aim is to educate people on how detailed and well-maintained vehicles generally hold their value better, and also how detailing can significantly boost the value of a vehicle that has been neglected over time.”

He adds: “ATD is the only certified detailing studio in East Yorkshire, and one of just 300 in the world. I believe that with hard work and perseverance we can go further afield and eventually provide services nationwide.”