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How can law firms attract the right talent?


With vacancies for legal professionals across the UK still being at an all-time high, it is becoming imperative for law firms to actively plan how they will build their legal talent pipeline this year says Clayton Legal in a recent article.

The article is based on data from Clayton Legal who have been assisting law firms with their recruitment for 20 years.

Lynn Sedgwick, Managing Director at Clayton Legal, said, “During our twenty-year history we have placed over 5,000 legal professionals. Today is a very different market and supply and demand will be a challenge for those law firms who are not fully prepared when it comes to resourcing their business growth strategy by ensuring they are developing a process to build their talent pipeline.

A good candidate can now how multiple firms to choose from when it comes to developing their career. Therefore, it is imperative that your legal hiring team and recruiting specialist presents a package which is irresistible to those hidden candidates who will move for the right offer, work experience and opportunity. “

Lynn Sedgwick went onto add, “This will include a positive culture and employer brand that is communicated consistently online and in print media.

Plus, a salary and compensation package that also embraces work-life balance is increasingly critical for the Millennial generation who make up the bulk of our workforce too. If these areas are not considered and addressed attracting the ‘right’ talent will be a challenge.”