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How expensive is it to park at Leeds Bradford Airport compared to other UK airports?

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The cost of parking at airports varies massively across the UK.

But how expensive is it to park at Leeds Baradford airport compared to other airports in the UK?

My Late Deals compared the cost of parking a car for two weeks (5th – 19th August 2019) at an official airport car park at 22 of the UK’s busiest airports.

And Leeds Bradford was 7th cheapest on the list, at just £66.00 for a two week stay.

Edinburgh airport was found to have the cheapest parking at £43.99, this was followed by East Midlands airport at £58.49, London Stansted at £59.99, Doncaster Sheffield at £62.49, Belfast International at £62.99 and Belfast City where a space costs £65.99.

Unsurprisingly, London has the most expensive parking.

London City airport was found to be the most expensive with the cheapest space coming in at £196.50. This was more than four times the amount of a car parking space at Edinburgh airport.

Following closely behind London City airport, with the second and third most expensive official car parking, is London Gatwick where a stay costs either £115.00 or £112.00 depending on whether you need to get to the North or South terminal.

The cities with the most expensive airport parking

London City – £196.50

Gatwick/South Terminal – £115.00

Gatwick/North Terminal – £112.00

Southend – £104.99

Manchester – £101.99

Liverpool – £97.99

Heathrow – £97.40

Luton – £93.99

Cardiff – £91.00

Bristol – £90.99

The cities with the least expensive airport parking

Edinburgh – £43.99

East Midlands – £58.49

Stansted – £59.99

Doncaster Sheffield – £62.49

Belfast International – £62.99

Belfast City – £65.99

Leeds Bradford – £66.00

Glasgow – £66.87

Southampton – £69.00

Birmingham – £69.99

Businesses are encouraged to pre book their parking in advance to enjoy the best deals.

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