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How self storage can help businesses amid the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live our lives, including how we work.

With further restrictions in place in the North of the country, government guidance tells us that we should work from home wherever possible. With the majority of offices across the UK standing almost empty, many businesses are wondering how they can save money, offer employees the workspace they need to be productive and keep everyone as safe as possible.

Businesses of all sizes and operating in numerous industries may find that self storage offers them a cost-effective and convenient way to keep things running smoothly over the coming months. In this post, we take a look at how self storage can help businesses amid the pandemic.

The benefits of self storage

There are various ways that self storage facilities can benefit businesses during the pandemic and beyond, whether it be from a financial or safety point of view.

Smaller space, big savings

With the majority of UK workers making the transition over to remote working, the need for large office space has drastically decreased. Downsizing or temporarily giving up your office space can help your business to cut down costs until things start to return to normal.

Whether you want to store office furniture on a temporary basis, or just feel that it’s time to move into a smaller office space to cut costs, Storage World provides a solution for all business needs, offering help and guidance along the way if you aren’t exactly sure what type of facility will work for your business.

Office space in Manchester is often charged per person, with the average cost being around £200 per person per month. That means if you employ 10 members of staff, your monthly fee is £2,000.

A business unit at Storage World costs from £30 per week, or you can upgrade to an office space from £55 per week – both prices include security, utilities and 24 hour access.

That means that if you moved your office base over to Storage World, you could save at least £4,080 over a six month period – but possibly even more.

Full storage flexibility

Another benefit of using self storage is the flexibility it affords a business. Your space can be aligned to your business needs, whether it be a small storage unit or a temporary work space. Storage World offers low commitment contracts – a two week notice period and no exit fee means that self storage units are a great temporary option that you can utilise for as long or as little as you need to.

Not all home workers have a suitable environment, whether it be because of noise and distractions or a lack of space, so having an office space where they can choose to go and work if they wish to is important. However, businesses naturally don’t want to break the bank in order to keep their offices open when only one or two members of staff will be using it – making smaller premises with a flexible, more affordable contract the perfect solution.

Convenience & accessibility

Remote working can come with its own set of unique challenges. Almost every office has its own supply cupboard full of stationery and equipment that staff can utilise whenever needed. Working from home means workers may not have easy access to the equipment needed in order to reach optimum productivity. A number of Storage World customers rent a small self storage unit to act as an office supplies cupboard, creating a hub for staff to drop by and get the equipment they need.

A base for all businesses types

It’s not only office workers who can benefit from self storage – a wide range of businesses can build a base using a storage facility. Those that require a regular dispatch of items, for example businesses that run service maintenance and repair, are using self storage units to ensure the smooth completion of day-to-day tasks. Storage World also offers workshop spaces, perfect for businesses that make and sell their own products.

Business solutions at Storage World

From storage lockers to office units, Storage World offers help to businesses across the Greater Manchester area in various ways. Whether you need long-term storage or a more temporary solution, flexible contracts and clean, spacious units mean a convenient and easy way to manage your business during these unprecedented times.

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