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How to make your agency stand out with data-driven PPC

Photo by Jason Goodman

In today’s digital era, there is an increased reliance on pay-per-click (PPC) activity to boost leads and sales within your marketing.

This is why many marketing agencies are utilising these strategies for their clients.

If this also includes your agency, then it’s important you’re aware of how call tracking software UK can help you optimise your PPC strategy and stand out in your industry where it matters!

Key insights and reports

Call tracking offers detailed insights and reports to show you how each of your PPC ads is performing.

This includes the specific number of leads and sales being generated from each of your PPC ads, including all the visits to your client’s website.

The software can also provide even further, more granular detail, including the exact touchpoints a customer visits through their entire journey after interacting with your ad.

This will provide an in-depth understanding of how each ad is impacting customers’ journeys and influencing their interactions with your client’s business.

Online and offline channels

Another reason call tracking is important for your agency is that it can help you track both online and offline channels for your clients.

Many agencies tend to look only at things like the click-through rates to a client’s website when it comes to establishing an ad’s success.

However, calls are just as essential when it comes to highlighting the effectiveness of an ad. Plenty of businesses require a call to help complete a purchase or simply offer it as an option.

Therefore, call tracking can help you see how many calls are being produced from each ad and include this in the online and offline reports, for a more accurate picture of ad value.

Optimising your ads’ content

You can also use call tracking to optimise the content of each PPC ad, so it increases leads and sales for your client.

The software will show which of your ads are generating the most conversions, and you can use this information to inspect the content of these ads to see what makes them successful.

Then, you can replicate these aspects in your other ads to ensure their content is also highly engaging for customers.

For example, this might include putting a more compelling call to action in the content, or ensuring it’s structured in a more user-friendly way for mobile devices.

Keyword performance

Call tracking can also reveal the keywords being searched for by customers who visit your website or make a call.

This is important for many reasons, including the fact it highlights your client’s main enquiries which you can then address in your ads to further meet consumer needs.

Also, these keywords can be included in your website’s content to help rank better in the search engine results pages (SERPs) organically, and increase the likelihood of customers seeing your page when they search.

If you’re planning to continue using PPC to enhance your clients’ marketing, then call tracking is one marketing analytics tool you should consider.

Once you obtain your software from the right provider, why not try implementing the above tips to create the most effective structure for the PPC services you offer in your agency?