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HS2 growth plans to bring half a million jobs & ninety thousand homes

Today, Sir Terry Morgan, Chair of HS2 Ltd will state how locally led growth strategies are the key to unlocking HS2’s potential at the HS2 Economic Growth Conference. Existing plans show almost 500,000 jobs and nearly 90,000 new homes and improved connectivity across the country.

Sir Terry Morgan, Chair of HS2 Ltd said:

“We are already seeing transformative plans coming forward from local authorities and businesses from around the country. My experience says we’ll see more, and this is only the beginning of the spread of wealth HS2 can bring by joining up Britain.

“Already incredible opportunities have opened up where HS2 has been embraced and a compelling vision created. Not every region has developed their thinking yet, and my experience tells that we’ll see these numbers continue to grow.”

With places already seeing the benefit of HS2 years before the new railway is even in operation, he will showcase how only the regions can rebalance the national economy if they connect, integrate and share the benefits of growth.

HS2 is being seen as the enabler for unprecedented opportunities to attract more jobs and training, increase trade and investment, build new homes and improve local transport connections. Connecting 25 stations from Scotland to the South East, HS2 will serve over half of the UK.

It is further seen as only the start of what could be achieved as construction of the new railway begins. Towns and cities across the country are bringing forward exciting regional growth and regeneration plans which have the potential to rebalance Britain, closing the North-South divide for good.

Exciting visons have been drawn up for how areas can best take advantage of the opportunity presented by the arrival of HS2 ahead of an HS2 Economic Growth Conference being held in the West Midlands.

Speaking at the HS2 Economic Growth Conference Sir Terry Morgan, Chair of HS2 Ltd continued:

“HS2 is seeing new strategic alliances form which overcome old rivalries. Our local leaders and businesses know best where homes need to be built, where people need retraining and where existing and new industries can grow.

“Only by tapping into this local knowledge and expanded partnership working can we reshape Britain permanently. It is now important that towns and cities take ownership of their plans to ensure we make the most from HS2.”

He will challenge both political and business leaders to put aside the old ways of working in order to ensure that this once in a lifetime opportunity delivers a maximum return. In order to enable people to have the jobs, skills and homes they need to thrive.

The Chair will highlight both the Constellation Partnership and HS2 East, bodies which has seen Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) and Local Authorities join forces to create ambitious new alliances which are supercharged by the investment in HS2.

Councillor Rachel Bailey, leader of Cheshire East Council, said:

“There is huge potential for sustainable growth associated to HS2 in our area.

“An HS2 hub at Crewe will not only serve the town itself but also will bring HS2 benefits to the North West, North Wales and the Constellation Partnership.

“We have formed strategic partnerships to develop a clear plan on how HS2 can support good growth, not just in Crewe or Cheshire East, but across the whole region. As a partnership, we are the place where everything connects and for Crewe, HS2 is a major catalyst for delivering this change.

“We have made great progress to date and will continue working in partnership with the major stakeholders to deliver the right hub at Crewe as we know this is the right for our communities.”

Sir Terry Morgan was speaking at the inaugural HS2 Economic Growth Conference.

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