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Huddersfield peace poet and author ‘Rappaman’ releases 4th children’s book

Huddersfield based performance peace poet and author, Donavan Christopher aka ‘Rappaman’ has released his fourth children’s book “Read Aloud Proudly”.

The latest book from his ‘Rappaman’ series is packed with rhythmical reading delights, a twelve-poem reading challenge, performance poems and word play. The book is focused on promoting and encouraging the joy and value of reading as an essential key skill for life.
For children in key stage 2 / 3 and beyond, ‘Rappaman’ teaches social education with a twist!

Describing ‘Rappaman’, Donavan said: “Rappaman is a social educator and peace poet, defender of the people. He’s been called a thought provoker, a lyrical charmer, a word energiser and a people enlightener. His aim is to fight inequality to make things equal through his philosophy of R.A.P which simply stands for Respect All People.”

“Read Aloud Proudly” was released in June 2021 and is available to purchase on Amazon.

Before embarking on his career as an author, Donavan aka Dee Bo General made a name for himself in the area as a Sound system Operator/DJ on Armagideon sound promoting conscious roots reggae music. He launched his first ‘Rappaman’ children’s book in 2008 and since then has worked in schools all over the world delivering workshops and performing poetry for all age groups around social values, culture, and respect of self and other people.

In addition to his work in schools around the UK and abroad, for the past five years, Donavan has also worked with University students in Huddersfield as part of their ‘World Music’ module discussing the history of Soundsystem in Huddersfield and dub culture in the North. Along with highlighting the social journey from the children of the Windrush generation.

Donavan is also an ambassador for the children’s literature fest in Selby, a keynote speaker for Bolton’s children University and has recently contributed to the TOWNSOUNDS project as part of the upcoming Kirklees Year of Music in 2023.

Commenting on his career to date and his latest book release, Donavan Christopher said: “I absolutely love the work I do here locally, regionally, nationally and globally. My latest book is focused on promoting confidence, encouraging children to be all they can be and to read-aloud proudly!

“Not only is the new book a fun and engaging read but the content has some really important messages that need to be heard now more than ever before. As musicians and artists, we have an important role to play in social education and right here in Kirklees, there is a lot to discuss and improve. The upcoming Kirklees Year of Music in 2023 is the ideal time for all to positively express themselves and showcases the talent and variety of voices in our area and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how I can contribute to this great historical event.”