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Huddersfield’s Pikcells win international CG award with Masterbrand VR kitchen tour

Huddersfield based content creation agency Pikcells have been awarded the CGarchitect 3D Awards Interactive Award, presented at the annual D2 Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Now in its 16th year, the CGarchitect 3D Awards attracts entries from top CG agencies, professionals and students from around the world. Pikcells Masterbrand VR kitchen tour project was selected by the CGarchitect awards judging panel – considered some of the most renowned in the architectural visualization industry – as the winner of the interactive category. The category was scored on three criteria: originality, overall impression and user interface/experience and is intended for projects that use interactive technologies to communicate architecture and architectural design. Other shortlisted entries for this category were received from countries such as Serbia, Spain, Canada and Australia.

Founder and Creative Director, Richard Benson commented, “The CGarchitect award is very hard to win so we are honoured and humbled to be recognised amongst the best in the world.

He added, “Our team are an exceptional bunch of people who put their heart and sole into each project and this will drive us on to create even better solutions for our clients.”

Pikcells have spent the last 16 years refining the art of photorealistic CGI and interior design with more recent projects progressing towards emerging technologies. The Masterbrand VR kitchen tour is one example of this development into interactivity. It uses a pioneering web based technology – WebGL – to display a fully explorable 3D kitchen right in the web-browser of any device. Users can navigate around in the 3D space by either clicking in their browser or freely moving around if they use a VR headset. The huge benefit, compared with similar existing experiences is that users can access this 3D space from any location on any device, making it ideal for use at exhibitions and small showrooms or allowing a customer to explore in their own time at home.

Legendary founder of the 3D awards Jeff Mottle remarked, “The CGarchitect 3DAwards are known across the architectural visualization industry as the leading award to win. Pikcells submission won because it was one of the most innovative and technically accomplished pieces we’ve ever seen.”