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Inclusive Sport Scores with Bondholders

Celebrating sport and business, Wakefield Bondholders’ first Friday, taking place on 7th September, will welcome Craig Shepherd, General Manager for Wakefield Trinity Community Trust and Richard Norman, Chairman of Hemsworth MWCFC.

Demonstrating that sport across the district is big business, each guest speaker at the popular networking event will explain why this is driven not just by the score lines of our leading clubs, but also by the ambitious plans that each has to make sport wholly inclusive.

Putting the spotlight on Wakefield Trinity’s physical disability and learning disability provision, delegates will hear more about the newly launched Disability Rugby League and plans for a Wheelchair Rugby League which is scheduled to launch later in the year.

Craig comments: “We have exciting plans for our community programme which is focused entirely on making the game wholly inclusive not just for individuals with disabilities but also young people as we prepare to launch new pathways for children aged 6-16 too.”

Melissa Armitage, Manager at Wakefield Bondholders, comments: “Our district and sport go hand in hand. It’s certainly an area where we have a great deal to celebrate, with a very proud history, a strong reputation and a positive future. But it is more than just the love of the game, our clubs are working hard to ensure that sport is wholly inclusive with major projects underway and exciting plans for the future.

“We’re certainly looking forward to hearing more and seeing how our local businesses can help drive change and support each club in making a real difference.”

Chaired by newly appointed Vice Chair, Lanie Green from Our Agency, delegates will also receive an economic update from Mike Denby, Economic Development Service Manager at Wakefield Council.

Taking place at Wakefield’s Centre for Creativity, from 8.45am, the first Friday event combines networking opportunities with breakfast at a cost of £12.00 per person for advanced bookings and £15.00 per person on the day.