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Inspirational eight-year-old inspires charitable act

Ashdale MD Chris Brain and Callum Telfer

Washington-based Ashdale Home Improvements has made a £100 donation to local homeless charity, The People’s Kitchen, after MD Chris Brain was inspired by the generosity and goodwill of an 8-year-old.

Chris Brain, founder and MD of Ashdale Home Improvements, has made the donation to The People’s Kitchen after being blown away by the behaviour of a customer’s young son. Following a recent conservatory refurbishment Mrs Telfer of Newcastle, their son Callum mentioned that he had been using his weekly pocket money to purchase food and drinks for the homeless of the town.

Chris was so touched by the selfless act Callum carries out each week that he has pledged to donate the £100 to local homeless charity, The People’s Kitchen, to purchase much-needed food and drink, for the average 100 meals the kitchen provides each week, as well as clothing and bedding supplies.

Speaking about the inspirational encounter, Chris said: “When we go and refurbish conservatory roofs, we often have a bit of a banter with all of our customers. However, in the years I’ve been carrying out home improvements, I’ve never met anyone like Callum, he’s really one of a kind.”

“It’s hard to not be inspired by Callum. At eight year’s old I’m sure my thoughts were mostly around toys and sweets, to hear him so casually mention about donating his weekly pocket money to help the homeless is heart-warming. Upon hearing this story, I hope others are inspired to take the same action as me and we can raise the funds a fantastic charity like The People’s Kitchen relies on to carry out their work.”

Speaking of her son’s generous act, Mrs Telfer said: “This sort of behaviour might be unusual for most little boys but it’s who Callum has always been. He is such a caring, courteous and selfless young man and he really enjoys helping others. Every week he uses his weekly pocket money and buys food and drink for the homeless in Newcastle. He’s been donating ever since we decided to give him pocket money and he loves that it is going where it is most needed, to help other people out.

“It’s fantastic that his kind attitude is spreading and has now caused others to donate to causes they feel strongly about. It’s not a bad achievement for eight!”