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Intechnology joins Government’s new marketplace for innovations

CEO Natalie Duffield with technical manager Bill Young at Wetherby, where Intechnology has rolled out a 5G-ready WiFi network

Intechnology has won a place on the new Technology Innovation Marketplace to help tech start-ups sell cutting edge innovations to the public sector.

Spark is part of a new Government strategy to enable the widespread adoption of emerging technologies to transform public services.

The Harrogate-based company is a leading provider of Smart City products designed to add social value, increase sustainability and protect the environment including:

• Air quality monitoring tools to help improve public health
• Social housing tools to ensure properties are safe, healthy and efficient
• Waste management tools to enable more efficient bin collections
• Street lighting tools to boost public safety and reduce energy costs
• Pest control tools to monitor and manage infestations
• Asset tracking tools to monitor valuable inventory.

Intechnology joined Spark, the Technology Innovation Marketplace after rolling out one of the UK’s first city-wide networks for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Coventry.

It is working in partnership with the city council to pilot high-tech public services to boost air quality, pest control, waste management and street lighting.

The underlying technology is the Intechnology Smart City platform, which allows for readings taken from a range of city-wide sensors to be analysed and processed, giving organisations the informed insight to enhance working practices and decision making at a local level.

Public bodies can use Spark, facilitated by a dynamic purchasing system, to access these and other technologies to deliver better public services for less money.

Once installed, Intechnology’s network is open for innovators to develop piggyback applications for sectors such as retail, leisure, tourism and automative.

Natalie Duffield, chief executive, said: “We have a long track record of creative innovation at Intechnology for the benefit of consumers, businesses, the NHS and now local government.

“In Coventry, which is the UK’s next City of Culture, we are helping the council to develop new models of civic engagement and respond in real-time to challenges and opportunities as a provider of public services.

“We are delighted to join Spark and look forward to working with ambitious local authorities and other public organisations to adopt and scale our proven technologies.”

Spark is an initiative from the Crown Commercial Service, which supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

In 2017/18, CCS delivered £354 million in commercial benefits including savings for central government, and £247 million for the wider public sector – helping to deliver world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.