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Krul’s kit sponsorship deal netted by Killingworth YPC

Tim Krul (centre, rear), Galliford Try Partnerships North’s Phil Hunter (right, rear) and club founder Phil Gibson (left, rear) with the Killingworth team in their new kit
Tim Krul (centre, rear), Galliford Try Partnerships North’s Phil Hunter (right, rear) and club founder Phil Gibson (left, rear) with the Killingworth team in their new kit

Former Toon stopper Tim Krul is literally putting his shirt on a group of young North East footballers.

A keen follower of the Killingworth Young Peoples Club (YPC) during his time with Newcastle United, the Dutch international’s sportswear company is supplying a new kit for the club – sponsored by Galliford Try Partnerships North.

The developer is building new homes at Silverbirch, in nearby Camperdown and – always keen to support the communities in which it works – wanted to help with the Killingworth club’s ambitious plans to create a new 3G football pitch, opening sporting opportunities to more local young people.

The stylish new shirts have been designed and provided by PEAK Elite Sportswear and although now with Brighton and Hove Albion, Tim’s long association with the north east meant he was delighted to endorse Killingworth YPC as a club and to give something back to grassroots football.

He said: “Killingworth YPC is a fantastically run club with great facilities and when it expressed an interest in partnering with PEAK, we knew it was a perfect fit for us. A massive part of why we chose to start the PEAK brand, centred on helping clubs that are trying to better their local communities and – through the excellent work they do with the children associated – this is certainly the case with Killingworth YPC.”

“PEAK is in its relative infancy but a lot of time has been spent in preparation to ensure we deliver quality products and the best possible level of service. Each team who come on board with us, like KYPC, will be treated as part of the PEAK family and we are sure that they will enjoy wearing the kits and sportswear that we provide.”

Phil Hunter, Commercial Director with Galliford Try Partnerships North, said: “Supporting worthy causes in the communities in which we work is a key part of our business strategy and we are delighted to be sponsoring Killingworth YPC’s new kit. We wish them well in their efforts both on and off the field.”

Killingworth YPC was founded by Phil Gibson in 1980 and – at 75 years old – he is still involved with the club and likes nothing more than watching a grassroots game of football.

He said: “Killingworth YPC has been in existence for 38 years and not only provides members of the community with the opportunity to play football, but also to socialise and meet new people. We began small, but now have 27 junior teams and two senior sides – one of which is merging with Killingworth Town FC, ensuring that Northern Alliance football will return to Killingworth during the 2018/2019 season.”

Phil and his late wife Lil, have volunteered many hours to give children and young adults the opportunity to play football – regardless of ability. This is a philosophy the club maintains to this day and like the majority of grassroots clubs, Killingworth YPC would simply not exist without the dedication of volunteer coaches, parent helpers and committee members, who also dedicate their time for the benefit of the wider community.

Pre-planning for the new club pitch and facilities is already well underway and the club are confident of being in a position to submit formal planning proposals for the 3G facility later this year.

Phil added: “It is an exciting time for Killingworth YPC and we would welcome additional volunteers or any further financial support towards our new 3G facility – no matter how small. This all-weather pitch will mean that we can ensure football throughout the winter months, without the kind of disruption many experienced in 2017/18.”

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