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Lancashire eco-conscious entrepreneur’s lockdown loungewear range set for success

Founder of Cozi Hoodie - Ashley Pinder

With the mix of nights in, working from home and the urge to seek comfort wherever possible during the pandemic, there’s been a surge in loungewear sales over the last year. This inspired Lancashire-based entrepreneur Ashley Pinder to launch Cozi Hoodie, the UK’s eco-friendly version of the viral trending blanket hoodie.

Despite lockdown restrictions easing, and the swapping of Saturday nights in for Saturday nights out, Cozi Hoodie sales are still increasing. Driven by the boom in outdoor hospitality and chilly UK weather, the in-demand giant wearable blankets are a saviour for outdoor socialising this summer.

Ashley Pinder, Owner of Cozi Hoodie said: “I wanted to create a product that is high-quality, affordable and appeals to all. The one-size-fits-all blanket hoodies are ideal for wearing indoors or outdoors and are made from high-quality Sherpa fleece. They’re also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. I created a whole range of colours and prints and I’m excited to launch more designs later this year”.

Passionate about making Cozi Hoodie an eco-conscious brand, Ashley partnered with Ecologi, a popular organisation who help over 5,000 businesses offset carbon emissions by planting trees to remove co2 from the atmosphere. So, with every purchase, Ecologi plants a tree on behalf of Cozi Hoodie.

Ashley added: “I was keen to give back to the environment in some way through the business. Partnering with Ecologi has given me the comfort of knowing the Cozi Hoodie brand is doing its bit for the planet. So far we’ve planted around 300 trees and removed nearly 12 tonnes of carbon from the air. We also use fully recyclable packing on all orders”.

Cozi Hoodie is set for success in the UK after similar overseas brands of wearable blanket hoodies have gone viral with social media users sharing their delight at the practical cosy comforts.

The product is currently on sale exclusively on the Cozi-Hoodie website for £49.00 with free shipping.

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