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Lancashire healthcare furniture manufacturer partners with national residential care home provider

Working hand in hand to create residential care homes that are as individual as their residents are Four Seasons Health Care (FSHC) and Lancashire manufacturer Teal Living.

Known for breaking away from traditional design standards Teal Living were chosen to work collaboratively to deliver on a commitment to provide ‘real homes’ where care, health and understanding combined to create an environment of happiness.

Teal Living produced a range of bespoke furniture and supporting online portal for ease of ordering that brings a controlled structure to the relationship between compliance, solution, cost and delivery.

The portal, designed to FSHC home-branding guidelines provides preferred product selections from the Teal Living range in a way that gives individual homes a real choice in terms of how they want to style their homes, within a standardised colour scheme across the estate.

Teal Living’s innovative approach provided FSHC with traditional furniture designs that benefited from the ‘Teal Touch’. As standard, seating features pressure relieving cushions with robust stretch fabric, three varying chair sizes were provided that offered differing seat heights as well as all of the proportions of the chair to ensure comfort and support remains optimum for the user whether they are a 6ft 4” gentleman or a petite 4ft 10” lady.

Teal Living also provide an on-going “Sustainability and Recycling Programme”, designed and developed by Teal it applies the three R’s principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and utilises the dedicated and established recycling facility at Teal to ensure, where possible, landfill is avoided. The Programme has provided FSHC with a certificate that confirms and demonstrates how much they have reduced their carbon footprint so far.

Sara Jane Farrow, national business manager at Teal Living says: “We are thrilled to have been selected as the sole supplier of furniture for all the day and receptions areas. FSHC acknowledge this has been a very detailed tender process involving key individuals from around the business, We were able to provide innovative designs and solutions demonstrating our established infrastructure is easily equipped to design and manufacture dementia friendly, age appropriate, and well-made items of furniture that provide piece of mind for our clients and their end-users.”

Designed to deliver a style that promotes safety and comfort the bespoke product range consists of seating, cabinets, occasional furniture, accessories, and cushions, with additional services and product ranges currently been finalised as an additional offering.

Teal Living are manufacturing product ready for non-clinical interiors all geared towards helping the elderly maintain their independence within a home from home environment.

Based in Lancashire with its own manufacturing Teal is a family business owned by the Senator Group with 40 years experience manufacturing for healthcare environments within the NHS and mental health sectors. Teal Living, furniture for people to live in.

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