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Latus Health Gives Employees Five Paid ‘Give Back’ Days Per Year

Hull-based Latus Health has implemented a new initiative encouraging employees to give back to their local communities, friends and colleagues by offering paid volunteer time off. Latus Health’s mission seeks to improve lives, whether that’s the lives of their employees or those of the wider community.

The pandemic emphasised the need to pull together as a community more than ever before, and forward-thinking companies are rising to the challenge. Latus Health is committing to supporting this sense of community by encouraging employees to give back. The firm’s new scheme allows employees to take advantage of 5 paid ‘give-back’ days per year to be used at their discretion, to help others. These can be for traditional forms of volunteering, charity work, or more personal causes such as helping neighbours, relatives, or colleagues.

Mike Sison, People and Culture Manager, said: “When it comes to charitable work and helping others, you can give money, supplies, and resources, but arguably time is the best donation you can make.

“Donating our time is not only vital for solving issues and giving support to the wider community, but also for giving Latus employees a sense of belonging and pride due to working for a socially responsible company that demonstrates its commitment to bettering the lives of everyone. Offering paid volunteer time off is a win-win solution for companies that care; it often also improves the mental health and wellbeing of employees.”

Providing five ‘give-back’ days is just one of the several ways that Latus Health is committing to supporting the community. It is part of the Latus 123 CSR strategy, a framework that facilitates giving back. This sees the company donating 1% of annual profits to selected charities, 2% of their time to giving back, and 3% of providing services to support charities and their employees.

Will Latus, CFO, said: “People feel good if they are part of a company which is making a difference.”

Latus Health provides a full spectrum of occupational health services. Their key mission is to improve health and wellbeing for companies and employees and do so in a disruptive and sustainable way. The firm currently has 32 full-time staff, meaning that Latus will start 2022 with a minimum of 160 Give Back days. With the recent announcement that Latus is creating 100 jobs in 2022 and growing its workforce to 400 by 2024, this number is expected to grow significantly over the next two years.