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Law Firm Invests In Specialist Dementia Training For Its Team

Law Firm Invests In Specialist Dementia Training For Its Team

LCF Law is now offering specialist dementia training to its lawyers, to make life easier for clients suffering with dementia and their families, as well as ensuring they always receive relevant advice on legal issues specific to their individual requirements.

The training takes place across LCF Law’s offices in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and Ilkley and looks at what dementia is, its symptoms and what can be done to support people with the disease. Participants are then encouraged to make contact and stay in touch with someone who is living with dementia, wear badges to raise awareness of dementia, and tell at least five friends about what they’ve learnt.

Another key part of the training ensures that LCF Law’s team of personal lawyers have a thorough understanding of the specific legal rights and requirements of those living with dementia, as well as enabling them to provide relevant advice in a clear and concise way.

Neil Shaw is a partner at LCF Law and head of the firm’s Personal Law team, as well as being a dementia champion who trained with the Alzheimer’s Society.

He said: “The main aim of this training is to give our team a better understanding of the different ways that dementia impacts people and highlight the challenges they face. It’s important to recognise that dementia isn’t a natural part of the aging process and isn’t just about memory loss, but is an umbrella term that is used to describe a range of conditions that affect the brain. We must also remember that people suffering with dementia can often continue to have independent and normal lives, as well as making important and legally binding decisions.

“With a strong Personal Law team, it’s vital we have a good understanding of dementia. There’s a common misconception that someone with dementia can’t make a will or a Lasting Power of Attorney, but this isn’t always true. By understanding dementia better, we can offer appropriate advice that is specific to the clients’ individual circumstances and their illness, at the right time, as well as ensuring those living with dementia can retain control, and this is where this training really adds value.”

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