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Leading refer-a-friend platform boosts online presence with social selling start-up SoAmpli

Micha Nielsen

Referral marketing technology business Mention Me has appointed the smart tech services of social selling and employee advocacy platform, SoAmpli, to super-charge its staff engagement via social media.

The team chose to partner with SoAmpli – a social media marketing and sales automation tool – to enable them to easily share timely, highly relevant and engaging content in order to boost their online and social presence.

SoAmpli’s ‘leaderboard’ system – which promotes fun competition for teams by ranking their posts and providing insight into how many clicks, shares and engagement they each have achieved – also supports Mention Me’s employee advocacy programme.

Speaking about the new partnership, Courtney Wylie, Mention Me’s vice president of product and marketing, said: “This platform has been really helpful at boosting our employee social selling programme.

“We’re already noticing a positive impact on our B2B lead generation and nurturing on LinkedIn. What’s really helped and encouraged uptake across our business, is that it’s so easy to use – you can be set-up and running the tool in minutes. It makes it easy to see what others are posting and add your voice.”

Micha Nielsen, operations director at SoAmpli, added: “It’s fantastic to have a forward-thinking organisation such as Mention Me using our services and enjoying the value it brings. It has a brilliant workplace culture and our partnership is helping to highlight that even further.

“Mention Me’s employees have so much insightful content – which is now being shared across the entire business – for their customers to engage with. Using our platform has enabled teams to get their messages to the right people, and really home in on their target market.”

SoAmpli, which was acquired by Leeds-based marketing automation platform Force24 in January 2019, helps clients such as British Heart Foundation, Rentokil and Cielo to empower staff and build brand awareness via social media.

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