Home Technology & Digital Leading software firm unveils fresh product on Amazon to aid business-critical judgements

Leading software firm unveils fresh product on Amazon to aid business-critical judgements

Panintelligence has launched quick-to-deploy analytics software on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace to help SaaS vendors take advantage of their data, react to real-time developments and make swift decisions.

The award-winning business intelligence software firm’s ‘best-of-breed’ intuitive platform enables customers to easily procure – and embed – the product into their systems, better equipping them when businesses need it the most.

Streamlining customer adoption of technology and simplifying how people can prepay for the software, AWS Marketplace presents a powerful opportunity for the Yorkshire-based tech enterprise to expand its global presence.

Hosting its software via the dynamic digital catalogue site enables Panintelligence to appeal to more independent SaaS vendors, who can find, test, buy and deploy its easy-to-learn and hard-hitting data analytics solution.

Additionally, as a registered technology partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), the collaboration means Panintelligence can now utilise its introduction into the programme to leverage business growth opportunities. This includes upskilling its workforce through online technical training or further enhancing its sales and marketing functions.

Charlotte Bailey, chief operating officer at Panintelligence, said: “Offering our enterprise-grade business intelligence solution via this platform makes it easy for our customers to procure and embed the product into their systems.

“At a time when people need support and business help the most, this enables us to answer the demands from those organisations who want a frictionless – and consistent – way to ensure their cloud management IT requirements are robust.

“Working with AWS Marketplace means we can now provide a product that allows business’ internal teams to focus on scaling, innovating and achieving their mission, as opposed to spending time worrying about IT infrastructure.”

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Panintelligence is a UK-built, trusted global supplier and leading channel-focused provider. Its highly intuitive business intelligence dashboard vastly improves reporting and delivers ROI for a range of sectors – including finance, insurance, education and healthcare.