Home Business Awards & Achievements Lee Chambers and Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing celebrate National busines award double

Lee Chambers and Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing celebrate National busines award double

Lee Chambers and Sasha Vahadane of Essentialise

Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, the health and wellbeing company founded and operating out of Preston, has received the honour of being named SME Workplace Wellbeing Award winner at the UK Enterprise Awards. This wasn’t the only win for Essentialise on the evening, as founder and lead psychologist Lee Chambers won the Organisational Psychologist of the Year Award. This is somewhat of a homecoming, 10 years after Chambers won Emerging Entrepreneur at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards in 2011 as the founder of European video game company, PhenomGames.

The national awards, which celebrate small and medium-sized businesses located in the United Kingdom, are in their fifth year. With thousands of companies across the UK applying to judged, scored and interviewed, the level of competition for the numerous award categories has been more challenging than ever.

The UK Enterprise Awards are the premier awards for small to medium-sized businesses across the United Kingdom. They are renowned for championing innovative startups and scaleup from a variety of industries. Whether they are setting an example of optimal employee experience or organisational culture, offering innovative and ground-breaking customer service, or bringing to market products that solve the challenges of the future- the awards are said to recognise the best of British businesses, and the leaders who are creative, courageous and disruptive.

Jessica Wilson, Director of Award Co-ordination, said: “We would not have forecast the business landscape of today 18 months ago, and there hasn’t been a business we’ve judged who hasn’t had challenges, whether it be working remotely, losing clients or growth outstripping capacity. Despite this, one thing has remained clear from everyone company we have spoken to. The tenacity to continue to progress, the resilience to manage change, and the agility to evolve are embedded within the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. We have seen sectors struggle and thrive, and very few forecasted such turbulence. Looking to the future, we believe there are great signs of optimism and hope given the qualities and skills of those we have engaged in the awards processes. Dynamic, forward-thinking and strategically astute, we expect many of them to achieve their growth ambitions and support them in building the business that will continue to change the world for the better.

Essentialise stood out for several reasons. The judges highlighted the market opportunity for data-driven wellbeing, were complimentary of the collaborative approach and the evidence-based influence, and were impressed by the calibre of clients attained, Chambers passion for making a positive impact, and their sound financial projects and future forecasts.”

Lee Chambers, who also collected the Psychologist of the Year Award, said: “Having the opportunity to be nominated and win such a highly regarded award, at such an early stage in our business journey, is something I am incredibly proud of. The team have been amazing throughout the difficult year we have had, and despite some early difficulties, we are now flying. It is truthfully all down to their determination and positive attitude. Our profits have increased by 300%, and the award recognition is just another positive step towards impacting as many organisations as possible, giving them the tools to be able to increase the health and performance of their teams. I am also delighted to win a personal award after a 10 year wait, and am passionate about my field and creating better workplaces and sustainable wellbeing across society.”

Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing is a wellbeing and performance company, headquartered in Preston in the United Kingdom. They specialise in wellbeing strategy and data-driven wellbeing measurement for businesses across a variety of sectors. They also deliver evidence-based and engaging wellbeing workshops and activities for corporations globally. Their client base is diverse, and include Oppo Mobile, Regital and B&Q.

Lee Chambers is a British psychologist and entrepreneur, born in Bolton and residing in Preston. He is the founder of PhenomGames, which was acquired in 2020. He has had a diverse career alongside his entrepreneurial journey, and in 2020 was named in the Top 50 BAME Entrepreneurs Under 50. He has worked with a range of high performers, including business leaders and Olympic athletes. He is the host of the Self Aware Entrepreneur Show, and his new book is due out in December 2021.