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Leeds-Based Logistics Supplier Announces Unprecedented Growth

Your Special Delivery Service, a Leeds-based logistics company, has seen excessive growth this year. With over 80% year on year growth, it is not only the fastest growth ever seen for the UK branch, it’s also putting Leeds on the map within this international company.

YSDS UK are experts in specialist deliveries, whether its priceless works of art, a clinical trial or temperature sensitive goods, they can transport any highly sensitive or fragile shipments. Their international presence means they can quickly and easily transport unique packages across the globe.

2019 has been a standout year for the Leeds-based company and not only in terms of figures. This year, they moved their UK headquarters, a 5,000 sq ft space in the heart of Armley.

Additionally, they’ve successfully opened a London office to facilitate their growth within the art shipping industry.

Silvia Tarchi, CEO of YSDS UK said:

“This year has been amazing, and I can’t believe what we have been able to achieve in such a short space of time.

“We moved into a brand-new office in Leeds which was opened by our local MP. YSDS UK also opened a new London office and to top it all off we have achieved 86% growth, which is just amazing.

“I am so proud of the UK team and what they have accomplished this year. We already have exciting projects lined up for next year and we aim to further position ourselves as experts in the pharmaceutical, automotive and art sectors.”