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Leeds Digital Agency Bobble Appoint Mr Yorkshire

Bobble Digital Marketing Agency near Leeds City Centre is delighted to announce that Canon Keith D Madeley MBE (Mr Yorkshire) has been appointed as their Brand Ambassador to assist in raising the company’s profile in Yorkshire.

Bobble Digital has an innovative approach to Digital Marketing by developing an effective strategy which analyses and identifies the best, most effective use of Google, Video, Mobile or Social Media to enable their clients to target their core audience in the right time and place with the right message.

Manpreet Singh, CEO says: “we are all excited and delighted that Keith has agreed to become an Ambassador for our company.

With us he is developing some exciting plans to significantly expand our operations in Yorkshire, which we believe is a hub for new business enterprise. We are working together to implement an effective strategy to define and understand the core audience for the business. We consider, with his help, that we can elevate the company’s profile within key targeted sectors across Yorkshire and the United Kingdom.”

Keith Madeley commented, “it is exciting and a privilege to be working with this young innovative company, staffed with well-established and experienced people, as they further their endeavours to provide an ethical approach in assisting local businesses to grow which, in turn, will help create new jobs and contribute to the growth of the local economy.”

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