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Leeds Film Production Start-up Re-brands in Anticipation of Opportunities That Channel 4 Bring

Merigo Films working on new social media video content for York Gin

Despite officially launching October 14 2018, a budding Leeds-based film production startup has rebranded to present a more TV-friendly image in anticipation for the Channel 4 move to Leeds, announced on October 31.

Rhubarb & Rushes Media LLP are now trading as Merigo Films in a bid to firm up their TV offering. The company, developed in June 2018 by York St John university graduates James Cullen and Jordan Malthouse believe that the rebrand shows their commitment to
professionalism and their ability to contribute to the TV landscape in Yorkshire, as well as on the video marketing where their current brand lies.

“The Channel 4 move to Leeds is a tremendous opportunity for anyone even remotely connected to film, TV, and the world of digital,” creative director of Merigo Films James Cullen says. “Not only does it open the doors for established companies to grow, but it also allows newer businesses to succeed in the industry by showing that Yorkshire has as much to offer the digital world as Manchester and London do. We hope that the Channel 4 move with bring out the best of digital talent in Leeds in a collaborative way.”

Merigo Films currently offer services creating brand films and social media video to aid in marketing strategies. They have already worked with brands across the board, such as York Gin, Brown & Blond Brownies, North Star Coffee Roasters, The Yorkshire Marketing Company, Indie York, and Emergency Food Storage.

With a background in both film & TV and the marketing industry – with an emphasis on digital – Merigo Films combines the two aspects of creativity and commercial acumen to help businesses grow. As the Channel 4 move becomes more tangible, the company hopes to branch out into creating narrative fiction, short films, and even documentaries to become a fully-fledged film production company.

“We think Merigo Films represents a more clear-cut and polished vision for our business. It tells people what we do and the branding reflects the style we hope to achieve in our films and our video content,” head of production Jordan Malthouse adds.

The company emphasise that they are the same team, have the same ethos, and offer the same customer service, but have just changed their name to better reflect the journey they will be taking in a more film-friendly Yorkshire.

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