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Leeds is one of the MOST internet-obsessed cities in the UK

Leeds is one of the MOST internet-obsessed cities in the UK

A new study by pCloud has revealed the UK cities which are most reliant on the internet and how our daily routine across the country would be impacted if the internet went down for the day.

After Sky broadband left some UK customers with no service on Sunday, a new study by pCloud has revealed which would be the most devastated cities if the UK if it were to loose connection for 24 hours and also which UK cities that would be least affected.

Many people aim to reduce their screen time and ditch the online world for more of their day, but in a world consumed with technology, research reveals UK residents are more reliant on the internet than you know with 9 out of 10 (91%) Brits regularly being online. The new study has also analysed the average day to find that 66% of our daily routine needs the internet to function.

94.9% of Leeds population relies on the internet

With Leeds economy thriving in medical technologies, financial and business services, it’s no surprise that this UK city has been found to be one of the hardest cities to cope without the internet for a day. An incredible 94.9% of the population have used the internet within the past 3 months – a likely result of businesses going remote during the pandemic and the technology scene continuing to thrive.

66% of our day is completely reliant on the internet

Government data shows that 91% of the UK are reliant on the internet, and our study revealed that 66% of the average daily routine would be affected, if not impossible without the internet!

The study categorised the day into six sections:

  • Work
  • Entertainment
  • Personal care
  • Commuting
  • Relationships
  • Purchases

100% of Work, Entertainment & Purchases require the internet

Contactless payments and ATMs wouldn’t be possible, making buying your lunch or a bus ticket to work out of the question without cash. Streaming online music, movies and online shopping would also halt.

With the rise of remote working, businesses are not only reliant on the internet to make calls and send emails but to also maintain contact with their employees working from home. From using the office fob to accessing online drives, all will be impossible without the use of the internet.

Relationships and Personal Care are the least impacted by the internet

Only 35% of relationships are affected by the internet as face to face socialising can still be achieved by everyone, but with the internet down, there would be no whatsapp groups or face timing. People would have to revert to texts and calls, meaning mobile lines would most likely overload and leave us with only landlines working.

Just 11% of personal care is affected by the internet as the fundamental basics of living, such as eating and sleeping, can be achieved without it.

The full report can be read on pCloud’s website.

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