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Leeds tech firm, Panintelligence partners with global industry leaders

Ken Miller, CTO of Panintelligence and Zandra Moore, CEO and co-founder of Panintelligence.jpg

Leeds based business intelligence and analytics software provider, Panintelligence has recently entered technology partnerships with an array of globally renowned tech companies, to take their software solutions offering to the next level.

The tech partners share a common goal of making real-time valuable data insights easily accessible and understandable for all businesses, no matter how complex – to enable users to make better business decisions, drive performance and reach new capabilities.

Charlotte Bailey, Chief Operating Officer at Panintelligence explained: “Our customers are trying to derive more insight from their data but struggle with the complexity of achieving that outcome with scalability and performance of some traditional database solutions.

“Our fantastic new tech partners; Firebolt, Panoply, Kleene, Rivery and Snowflake are allowing us to diminish the struggle customers face with complex data by enabling us to provide further bespoke solutions to customers as bolt-on services, which supplement our newly updated Pi Software. So, all our customers can easily explore and analyse business data, whatever the size of their business, helping them to scale up as fast as they wish to”.

The industry-leading, global technology partners’ products will work in unison with Pi software, when customers opt for a bolt-on service, allowing businesses to handle their data challenges with ease – especially useful for those dealing with Big Data.

Nouras Haddad, Vice President of Alliances at Firebolt commented: “We’re continuously looking to integrate with best of breed, modern data analytics solutions that our customers are adopting. The combination of Firebolt and Panintelligence is a strong, embedded analytics offering for fast-growing SaaS and tech businesses globally. We’re excited to see the opportunities that lie ahead for offering embedded analytics to our joint customers, and Panintelligence is a partnership we look forward to building on”.

Kyra Purvis VP of Partnerships and Alliances at Rivery, added: “We’re delighted to work with Panintelligence to help our dual customers win with data,” Rivery VP, Partnerships Kyra Purvis said. “Working in tandem, Rivery and Panintelligence fully realize the potential of the modern data stack, from instantly launching data models based structured data to generate immediate business insights, to combining our true SaaS offerings into a unified experience that supports customers from start-to-finish. It’s a win-win — for both us and our shared customers.”

Panintelligence’s Pi platform currently has over 200,000 users across a range of SaaS and Tech companies in the healthcare, retail, finance, hospitality and education sectors, including Advanced, Booq, CDS, EVERYANGLE, Eurobase, Lead Forensics, Notify, Sage, Solution Dynamics, TAAP, Tribal, White Label Loyalty, Equiniti and Winn Solicitors.