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Leeds veterinary tech start-up to present research at AAVSB annual meeting in St Louis

Paul Hallett, Sarah Warren, Robert Dawson and Trevor Hardcastle pictured at their head office.

Leeds-based Vet-AI has been invited by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) to present on telemedicine in veterinary care at its annual meeting and conference, later this week.

On the 28th September at the Ritz Carlton hotel in St Louis, Missouri, Vet-AI co-founders Paul Hallett, Dr Robert Dawson, Dr Sarah Warren and Chief Data Scientist, Dr Trevor Hardcastle, will share their educa-tional presentation ‘The Virtual Veterinary Professional’ to executive directors and board members of 62 licensing boards of veterinary medicine from North America. Following the presentation, the Vet-AI team will take part in a panel discussion.

As one of two presentations on the topic of ‘Preparing Regulation for the Future of Veterinary Medicine,’ Vet-AI will be sharing the results of the firm’s independent clinical trial on remote veterinary consultations and prescriptions, as well as its experience so far with telemedicine and AI within the veterinary industry through its flagship app, Joii.

James Penrod, Executive Director for the AAVSB, comments: “The future of veterinary medicine is a topic that is sure to generate interesting discussions at our annual conference. We’re very much looking for-ward to welcoming the Vet-AI team and hearing firsthand about their research and views on how our members can utilise technology to improve patient care.”

Paul Hallett, co-founder at Vet-AI adds: We have invested significantly in building a foundation of scientific evidence, that underpins our business model and supports the wider veterinary community in making the right decisions for the future of veterinary medicine. Our evidence is pioneering and proves that remote diagnosis is just as effective as physical examination for issues related to dermatology. We are excited to have been invited to speak and are pleased that our evidence and approach has been recognised in this way.

Paul Hallett, co-founder at Vet-AI, adds: “The AAVSB updated their guidelines last year to include regula-tion guidelines on telehealth tools used by veterinary professionals, and we hope to support the same change here in the UK backed by data and research. We are incredibly excited to be given such a prestig-ious platform in which to share our findings, and we welcome the chance to speak to senior veterinary professionals in the US, on a subject we feel so passionate about.”

Vet-AI was founded in 2017 and Joii is the first app from the company, designed to make pet healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone. Built by a team of experts with cutting edge, bespoke technology, Joii is an app for pet parents to use to help diagnose and receive recommended treatment for pets from the comfort of their home.