Home Business Events Let’s Do China Brings Global Opportunities For Northern Powerhouse Businesses In Leeds

Let’s Do China Brings Global Opportunities For Northern Powerhouse Businesses In Leeds

Let's Do China in Leeds, 22 November 2018, ACOLINK LTD

Acolink LTD, a Northern business bridging and enabling trade opportunities between the UK and China, brought the kickstart of the Let’s Do China roadshow to Leeds this November to promote export prosperity between Northern Powerhouse businesses and China.

Leeds, on the 22nd November, was the second stop in a series dedicated to encouraging local business to go global in the new Golden Era 2.0 between the UK and China. It was a packed, enthusiastic session with a range of businesses from different sectors and international sales experience.

International Trade Advisor for DIT Yorkshire and Humber, Eve Husband, gave a brief talk in the ways that the DIT is working alongside private sector organisations like Acolink to boost the North’s export and trade potential.

“Now people are very interested, very intrigued to find out what China is about, and how they can actually develop relationships and maybe create opportunities,” she said. “That’s why we’re working together today – to push the Chinese market forward.”

China’s openness for business and its long-term government-led initiatives has invigorated entrepreneurial UK firms with an appetite for exporting. For the ambitious businesses leaders who attended, Let’s Do China was an opportunity to learn how to sustainably grow and develop in China in the long run.

Acolink is working alongside both UK and China government, as well as firms like Ward Hadaway, in order to endorse and champion this while staying at the front of insights, developments and policy changes.

Flora Mewies, an associate at Ward Hadaway’s Leeds office, expressed the firm’s desire to promote export opportunities to UK businesses and highlighted how their international network of contacts facilitates this.

“We’re part of a worldwide connection of law firms. We have a number of trusted and established partners that we work with, in China and across the world, to really help you with all your needs once you’re actually on the ground in China.”

Let’s Do China seeks to recognise, celebrate and bolster the possibilities of exporting to China, in partnership with principal UK and China government agencies, business associations and experienced private sector organisations.

The session was delivered by Acolink CEO, Anita Zhang, with an overview of China’s international and national initiatives, alongside a provincial perspective to help businesses to take the opportunity and embrace the market.

Acolink’s ambition is to bring global opportunities closer to local businesses while also furthering international exchange and collaboration.

The interactive sessions offer a fresh to trading with China and understanding local market opportunities. Let’s Do China not only highlights China’s vibrant market, and its international openness, but also strengthens local businesses’ confidence in exporting.

Acolink’s Let’s Do China initiative has joined forces with Northern Powerhouse Export campaign and Exporting is GREAT to bring export opportunities closer to local businesses. Workshops ran in November in three key Northern Powerhouse cities – Newcastle, Leeds, and Manchester – with more to come throughout 2019 across the UK.