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Local housebuilder reports significant contributions to North East in 2023

Carl Sobolewski, Managing Director

Barratt Developments North East, which includes the Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes brands, has reported significant social, economic and environmental contributions to the North East communities in which it builds over the course of the last year.

In 2023, the housebuilder built 714 new homes across the region, supporting 1,626 jobs through its own business and that of its suppliers and subcontractors in the process. This boost to the local housing market and construction industry was supported by a £1.3 million investment in physical infrastructure works, including environmental and highway improvements, affordable homes and improved community facilities.

As a result of the new homes built, Barratt Developments North East helped to support £13.9 million spent in shops and services within the area, supporting 137 retail and service-related jobs. The housebuilder also made £64,600 worth of charitable donations to support those in need during what has been a challenging year for charities within the area.

2023 also saw the housebuilder reinforce its commitment to creating homes for nature as well as people. The business created 5.5 hectares of greenspace across the region, equivalent to eight football pitches, to help support wildlife on and around its sites. Its commitment to environmental sustainability also saw Barratt Developments reduce its CO2 emissions by 19% against its 2018 benchmark and reduce its construction waste by 50%.

Carl Sobolewski, Managing Director at Barratt Developments North East, said: “It has been a challenging year for the housing market, but we’re so pleased that we have been able to make such significant contributions to the region, socially, economically and environmentally. Our customers remain at the heart of our work, and so creating communities that support their needs is at the forefront of our goals. We look forward to continuing to build on these results into 2024.”