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Logs Direct Launches New Danish Firestarter

Logs Direct employees with the new Burner Firestarter

Wood-fuel specialist, Logs Direct, has scoured the globe to find a solution to a number one concern of customers using firelighters, be that for woodturners, barbecues, pizza ovens or campfires.

Logs Direct has acquired the sole UK distribution rights to the super new fire-lighting solution, the Burner Firestarter. This comes from Denmark and which leaves no unpleasant paraffin or odours on the fingers – the thing Logs Direct’s customers hated most about other firelighters. It has been quickly introduced to the portfolio of products, because of its many plusses and no minuses.

Having initially trialled it with 100 existing firelighter customers and had nothing but positive feedback, Logs Direct negotiated with the Danish manufacturer and now has the product sitting alongside its other innovative fire options, including Coffee Logs, Wine Logs and the Swedish Evening Lighter Torch, not to mention its own eco-briquette for pizza ovens, Piccante.

All of the frustration of trying to start a fire is removed by the amazing Danish firelighter. As well as solving the odour issue, it lights a fire first time, every time, whether indoors or outdoors. It also carries none of the mistrust surrounding cheap imported imitation products and actually adds its own little magic in the form of Danish Hygge living, evoking feelings of cosiness, contentedness and conviviality.

Unlike other firelighters, this product takes the form of a small sachet, which is simple to pick up out of its easy-to-store tub and drop on the fuel source needing to be lit, whether that is in a solid-fuel or wood-burning stove, on a barbecue, bonfire, or open fire. Once you have placed the Burner Firestarter sachet on the fuel, the fire is roaring just minutes after an ignition source has been applied.

Due to a special ingredient, the sachets produce a unique and controlled flame, which is low and heat-efficient. They promote a high-temperature fire and are not affected by humidity or dampness.

Logs Direct’s sales director, Stephen Talbot, says: “The Burner Firestarter is a real star of the show in our product range and something that everyone, bar none, think is a godsend for anyone having to light a fire for warmth, cooking or outdoor living. This product is predicted to take the market by storm, so it is a privilege to have sole rights to its distribution in the UK.”

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