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Mace Group appoint Ryan Bracha to Managing Director of Gala Education & Marketing

GEM Marketing Team Photo

Mace Group, the organisation behind the successful award-winning brands Gala Tent, Gala Technology and Gala Performance, has today announced its latest venture, launching digital marketing and design agency Gala Education & Marketing Ltd.

Also known as GEM, the company has been launched as a result of the huge successes the Gala Tent in-house marketing team has achieved over the past few years, and given that the team – made up of GEM’s founding members Ryan Bracha, Samantha Davison, Nathan Lord and Bethany Liversidge – had very little experience back in 2017 when they were put together, it makes their achievements all the more impressive.

Gala Tent CEO and GEM owner Jason Mace said, “I was sick of kicking money into the grass working with third party agencies who offered the world but delivered very little, and then took their own slice of the pie at the end of the month. I made the decision to bring the work in-house back in 2017 and set up a small team from existing staff members taken from sales, business development and graphic design, tasking them with developing the skills needed to carry out the work.”

New GEM Managing Director Ryan Bracha joined Gala Tent on the sales team in 2016, quickly rising through the ranks of business development toward his previous role as Marketing Manager, highlighting Mace’s dedication to rewarding personal development. Bracha said, “None of us had any previous education in digital marketing, but with plenty of time and dedication we self-taught to a high standard, with remarkable results, so the concept of GEM was easy to envisage; if we could do it then so could any business. What we do can help businesses to become self-sufficient, but it can also help individuals who are looking to change careers.”

GEM’s aim is to educate businesses in becoming self-sufficient with their digital marketing, so even as the brand works with companies and individuals to improve their online presence, completing the digital work for them, they will educate them at the same time so that they can ultimately do it themselves. The company’s professional graphic design team will also offer web design, branding and rebranding work, and full new-business help with logos and promotional materials.

Understanding that not everybody will have the time or the budget to work with the agency, the team at GEM have also developed a self-paced learner portal, complete with individual tutorials on all aspects of digital marketing. Tutorial subjects range from building a brand and marketing plan, through individual digital marketing processes, and eventually pitching a business to investors. It is designed to cater for all types of learners, with video, text and audio tutorials and examples, plus opportunities for learners to complete the work themselves, and prices start from only £29 per module.

GEM officially opened its virtual doors to new clients on Monday April 25th 2022, with a physical launch party planned when the business moves into its new Mexborough premises in June, which is intended to act as a digital hub containing audio, video and photography production space for hire, as well as bright and modern spaces for the team to work from as the business grows.