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Mainstay Residential on target to manage 6,000 units across the North West

Kate Magill

Mainstay Residential chiefs today revealed that the company is on target to manage more than 6,000 units in the North West alone, further boosting its presence in the region.

Mainstay Residential, a leader in the property asset management market nationally, already boasts some of Manchester’s most landmark residential developments amongst its portfolio.

With today’s announcement, the Worcester-headquartered company will manage a record number of properties in the region – cementing its position as the premier property managing agent in the North West.

Associate Director for the North, Kate Magill, speaks about the company’s success.

“I joined Mainstay over 11 years ago as a Trainee Property Manager, and I’ve watched as the business has gone from strength to strength.

“We have a track record for retaining our clients, and so we’ve been there from day one when Urban Splash started developing the Timber Wharf area.

“That’s where our main Manchester office is now located, and it’s been incredible to watch the city grow since then – almost in tandem with us.”

Over a decade since Kate’s induction, the multi-faceted property company is now on track to turn over a record £25.9 million this year, with a total employee headcount of 726.

Kate is responsible for a team of 45 and oversees the management of Mainstay’s entire northern Integrated Property Management portfolio – the company’s fastest-growing outpost.

Kate continued, “We now manage thousands of units across the region and are growing all the time. I think a large part of our success can be attributed to the fact that we truly love what we do at Mainstay, and it shows.

“We’re very big on home-growing talent and nurturing employees so that they can confidently rise through the ranks – which means that we all tend to be very committed and passionate about our work.”

As a high-ranking woman in a historically male-dominated industry, Kate also believes that Mainstay can thank its early adoption of diversity and inclusion for its success today.

“We are finally starting to see a breakthrough in this industry, but there is definitely still a way to go. For Mainstay to champion diversity so early on – really when no other property company was – was amazing, and it means that we innovated very quickly.”

Kate sees the big focus for the next few years as, predictably, the build-to-rent market – a trend that Mainstay foresaw with the introduction of its integrated property management service.

“Even though we offer a huge range of services – everything from commercial and mixed-use property management to facilities management – residential is the cornerstone of our business.

“We were the very first in the industry to introduce an on-site integrated property management (IPM) service, recognising a need to treat occupiers of our luxury developments as “customers” rather than tenants.

“It’s been fantastic to see that become a sector trend over the past few years, and with our expertise in the field, we’re going to be looking to target the city’s thriving build-to-rent market.”

As for Manchester’s resi boom? Kate is confident that it is sustainable.

“Manchester is a melting pot of a city, and the demographic that lives here is so wide ranging. As long as we can cater for everyone and have affordable housing sat alongside ultra-high-end, inward investment-attracting developments, there’s no reason why it can’t continue.

“Our infrastructure is improving all the time; multi-national corporations continue to “north shore” and migrate here; our culture and leisure offering is second to none. We are a global city which more and more people are looking to call home.”

Established in 2000, Mainstay was founded by Glyn Miles, Graham Donaldson and Andrew Tilly. The company now manages over 80,000 properties UK-wide.

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