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Major North East Heat Shield Manufacturer Upgrades Coil Line

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Rhodes Interform and its sister company Atkin Automation, based in Wakefield, UK, recently won a contract to supply and install a new Coil Processing Line for a major North East heat shield manufacturer.

The advanced machine is used to produce blanked parts from single pitch tools or formed parts from progressive tooling in the automotive metal industry.

After technical meetings between the client and Rhodes Interform’s engineers, a solution was proposed and accepted which involved the supply of a unit from its sister company Atkin Automation’s Taiwanese partner Shung-Dar.

The unit selected was a space saving 3-in-1 NC Servo Feeder, Straightener, Uncoiler & Coil Cart Model: SNR3-800 with a capacity of 3000kg x 800mm rated at 1.5mm at full width and with Siemens PLC controls.

It incorporates an innovative pilot release feature that ensures optimum press performance by relieving built-up stress and binding of the strip through the feed caused by misalignment or camber as well as alleviating ‘walking’ problems.

Geoff Barker, Sales Manager for Atkin Automation, said: “This project was a great example of two different divisions of our business working together to generate an effective solution for the customer. We have extensive experience in providing products and services to heat shield manufacturers and the coil processing industry in general and the success of the project is testament to the skills of our technical team.”

The main features of the unit are:

• Hydraulic coil cart
• Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion
• Threading supports
• Motorised Feed height adjustment.
• Programmable feed lengths with memory storage
• Pilot release

To ensure operator safety and conform to CE standards, Rhodes Interform installed the unit with fully interlocked perimeter fencing to conform to CE standards.

Metalforming sister companies to Atkin Automation within the Group Rhodes family include Rhodes Interform, Crescent Machinery, HME, John Shaw, Fielding and Platt, Henry Berry and Chester Hydraulics. Group Rhodes provides a full range of equipment manufacture and aftermarket services which ensures the company remains at the forefront of the UK metalforming industry.