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Manchester-based Capsule helps add flavour to HASBEAN’s global coffee empire

Dale Harris (right), Director of Wholesale at HASBEAN

Coffee roaster HASBEAN has been given greater freedom to bring new flavours to market, thanks to smart technology that enables more accurate sales forecasts.

The company buys beans from farmers across Central America, Africa and Asia and sells them via its e-commerce site and wholesale supply business.

For HASBEAN’s farmers to experiment with new types of beans to create new flavours, they need certainty from buyers that they will be ordering a consistent amount of the coffee each year.

Thanks to Manchester-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialist Capsule and its integrated software, HASBEAN can now access orders, payment status and customer support enquiries on one interface, leading to more accurate annual sales demand forecasts.

“Capsule is a real game changer and it is great news for our business, our farmers and, of course, our customers,” said Dale Harris, Director of Wholesale at HASBEAN.

“Since becoming established 15 years ago, HASBEAN has managed customers incredibly well with numerous spreadsheets, emails and a great memory – but as the company has grown, occasionally sales opportunities have been missed. This no longer happens.

“After a tough day, my team can log into Capsule to review their pipeline of orders and to see very clearly the number of sales they are bringing in, along with their personal impact on the business and on our producers around the world.

“The upshot of more accurate forecasts is that our producers can be more confident about their product and their future, so they’re able to experiment and bring fabulous new flavours to market.”

Capsule CEO Duncan Stockdill added: “HASBEAN takes a hands-on approach to business, with the team spending weeks every year on the ground, visiting farms across the globe, from Guatemala to Ethiopia.

“This helps HASBEAN to build and maintain close relationships with farmers and ensure their products are of a high-quality standard, are diverse in flavour, and, most importantly, are sustainable.

“We are delighted that our simple-to-use application has helped bolster HASBEAN’s partnerships and has allowed farmers the freedom to be more creative and exploratory in their bean-growing. This not only benefits HASBEAN and its producers, but also coffee-lovers in the UK and abroad.”

Capsule is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platform, with its HQ office based in Manchester. The system helps businesses stay organized, in control of their sales process and build strong customer relationships through its simple but powerful integrated interface.