Home Manchester Manchester-based technology company launches ground-breaking intelligent home living system

Manchester-based technology company launches ground-breaking intelligent home living system


Wondrwall has launched its revolutionary technology which gives the home a brain and the intelligence to control itself around the inhabitants’ personal preferences and habits. The intelligent home system uses past behaviour and real time decision-making to make relevant adjustments to fit the lifestyle of those living in the home.

Manchester-based Wondrwall provides advanced technology of sophisticated intelligence and modern functionality, the technology combines and controls the home’s heating, lighting, security and safety systems, transforming a building into a more energy efficient, convenient and secure home. Rather than simply offering remote control functionality for the home through an app, as many smart technologies do; Wondrwall is a comprehensive system that learns from behaviour and smooths the process of managing the home efficiently.

Wondrwall is easy to install with a simple package of intelligent light switches, alarm siren, thermostat and key fobs. This enables the home to think intelligently and control the heating and lighting ensuring energy wastage doesn’t occur as the residence’s patterns vary. It functions seamlessly, so that you can concentrate on what matters most and wave goodbye to the ‘did I leave the lights on?’ worries.

Intelligent: make your home work for you

 No longer, should the nagging thought of leaving lights on at home be a concern.  Through the motion sensors built into every light switch, Wondrwall understands when the home is occupied thereby being able to turn off lights when it can no longer detect presence in the home. In understanding when you typically wake up, Wondrwall will ensure the home is heated to your ideal temperature waking you up with an alarm played directly through your light switch. The built-in Amazon Alexa in every light switch means you also have the option to control your home manually via voice technology providing the benefits of Alexa technology throughout your home.

Secure: always feel safe

 Audio technology built into every light switch means Wondrwall will identify the sound of a smashed window and automatically activate the siren while flashing the internal/external lights of the home. An emergency notification is sent to you and your contacts, all before the intruder has breached the property ensuring peace of mind when you’re away.

Wondrwall uses motion data and real time mapping readings to determine if the home has been vacated. When in away mode Wondrwall will sporadically turn on certain lights in the home to give the illusion of occupancy. Wondrwall’s smoke alarm detection will sound your alarm, flashing the internal lights to wake everyone up along with a notification providing the resident with a record of the incident.

The key fob can be used by Wondrwall to gauge the users’ location in proximity to home, in order for it to anticipate the heating changes relevant for arrival. The fob means Wondrwall will inform parents of children’s arrival for school.  Each key fob also has a built-in panic button meaning that if a loved one is home and worried about anything they only have to press the button to alert all pre-programmed contacts.

Efficient: no wasted pennies

 Wondrwall attentively observes patterns in habits and how the home performs to regulate the living ecosystem as efficiently as possible. The heat and humidity sensors built into the light switches take regular temperature readings to ensure you are never uncomfortable in your own home.  Every month, Wondrwall provides a record as to the energy usage and savings for the term.

Daniel Burton, Founder & CEO of Wondrwall says – “When designing Wondrwall we were looking to ensure the product slotted perfectly into anyone’s daily life, so that everyone can enjoy the best in-home technology. The living system transforms your home, making it more intelligent and efficient, whilst alleviating the small daily worries so that your life is that little bit easier. Your home’s feel, look and functionality is automatically enhanced intertwining with the technology you already own, so that warmth, security and the perfect lighting are adapting to your behaviour without you lifting a finger.”

Wondrwall ticks many boxes for the user, the technology allows you to save time and money whilst keeping your home safe so you can concentrate on your ever growing to-do list.

NatWest provided funding to support the development of the Wondrwall.

Matt Mawdesley, Senior Relationship Manger at NatWest, said: “It’s an exciting time for Daniel and the Wondrwall team with the launch of their product which has incredible potential to revolutionise hone technology. We wish Wondrwall every success for the future.”

 Wondrwall will be available from www.wondrwall.co.uk