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Manchester entrepreneurs set sights on £1.5b CBD market with launch of Dr. Ed CBD

Dr. Ed CBD Production Facility

Manchester entrepreneurs today announced the launch of Dr. Ed CBD. Backed by private investors and an ISO Class 7 production facility in Stockport the local entrepreneurs aim to clean up a messy industry and snap up a share of the £1.5b industry.

Dr. Ed’s CBD oil is formulated using all-natural CBD directly from California. With some of the most advanced extraction and analytical methods in the UK, Dr. Ed is one of the only brands to be able to offer CBD with 0% THC, the chemical responsible for the psychological effects of cannabis. To ensure consistency between batches, and high-purity product creation, Dr Ed CBD is formulated in their new £3.5M world-class production facility in Stockport. The unique mixing methods guarantees the CBD concentration customers receive is exactly as advertised, and there are also full lab reports for every single batch so users can make the most informed decisions about their health.

Dr. Ed was co-founded by Dr. Edward Jones, an experienced Neuroscientist and one of the UK’s leading CBD experts, along with close friend Alex McMillan, who had personally experienced anxiety and successfully used CBD to tackle it. The duo combined their knowledge and personal experience to secure investment for the creation of a unique CBD-derived product line to help combat a range of health issues, both physical and mental. By formulating different blends of CBD, Dr. Ed has produced a range of four products, each tailored to support a specific area of health.

Dr. Edward Jones said: “Consumer interest in cannabidiol has dramatically increased recently, which is brilliant as it means that more people are experiencing the benefits of CBD than ever before. However, as the market is currently self-regulated, evidence has shown that there are also a number of producers selling CBD who actually know very little about the product. With this in mind we launched Dr. Ed to give consumers access to a world-class product that they know they can trust.

“I believe that with more research the true extent of the benefits of CBD will be greater than currently proven and hope that by launching our CBD tonics we will help more people to make educated decisions about their CBD needs.”

Co-founder Alex McMillan, said: “I was taking CBD oil to combat my anxiety and I found that whilst I was definitely feeling the benefits, the effectiveness of the treatment was varying each time I started a new bottle of CBD, even when I stuck to one brand. As I knew Ed was an expert in neurology and CBD, I asked for some advice on this and found out that there is actually no regulation in place in the UK to ensure consistency and purity of CBD oils. What surprised me the most was how vastly different the product could be from what I believed I was taking, with some bottles containing less than 1% of CBD, and others even containing illegal levels of THC.”

“It’s after this that we decided to launch our own range of CBD oils, and become the brand that puts the customer first. We will never make miracle claims, or promote a product that couldn’t match the claims we do make; we are an evidence-based business aiming to help people to make informed decisions about their health.”

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