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Manchester Marketing Agency Extends Services

Following a successful 12 months, What Marketing, has widened it ser-vice offering to include social video content production and audience delivery.

To deliver this new service, What Marketing has recruited Liam Cooper as its new media manager.

Liam, from Eccles, will utilise extensive experience in video content and photography to create targeted ads and work with the team to continu-ously improve the ad performance for their clients.

Liam Cooper, paid media manager at What Marketing said: “I person-ally believe the future of media is video and as 5G and higher data al-lowances become more available people will look for richer content.

“At What Marketing, we will provide a service of high quality content creation and distribution to variety of businesses that isn’t available from most agencies within the North West.

“Not having to outsource video content allows us to be incredibly reac-tive to successful ads and quickly film and edit new ads which puts us in an incredible position – it’s a great USP for us.”

Chris Townsend, co-founder and director of What Marketing said: “Re-cent algorithm updates have led to a massive decline in the reach of organic social posts most noticeably in Facebook and Instagram.

“These platforms are no longer delivering content from brand pages at the rate they used to instead preferring to deliver more content from family and friends. This means businesses can no longer rely on social posts to reach their existing audience and new ones.

“With our new service provision we can advise clients with algorithm updates which impact their pages, provide strategic quality content and distribute effectively to their target audiences demonstrating a real re-turn on investment and value for money.”

As part of his new role, Liam will be reporting directly to Chris and will be supporting and advising the team on a day to day basis.