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Manchester’s mobedia 3D prints a car to support launch of new Kia Sportage

The navigation menu of the new digital learning experience

Manchester-based mobedia has created a digital learning experience that seamlessly marries 3D printing, video, animation and interactivity for Kia Motors UK to support the launch of the New Sportage.

The new Kia Sportage features a range of enhancements to cement its position as the brand’s best-selling model in Europe. The new Sportage pairs an updated exterior and interior design with new safety and infotainment technologies, as well as efficient new powertrains complying with future emissions standards. Upgrades to the Sportage range also includes modifications to ‘GT-Line’ models.

Dealership teams will access the learning experience via the Kia Academy, which will equip them with the knowledge and confidence to carry out effective product presentations, test drives and vehicle handovers to customers.

To increase engagement and understanding, the learning experience features:

  • An interactive ‘build your own’ New Sportage activity that allows users to construct and learn about the exterior features, which, upon completion, seamlessly blends with a 3D printed model;
  • Video content featuring a family engaging with the New Sportage and the 3D printed car to demonstrate its key features;
  • 3D animation, gamification and quizzes to reinforce knowledge and retain engagement throughout.

The learning experience was produced in-house by mobedia at their studio in Manchester City Centre, and the film content was shot on location in the Greater Manchester area.

mobedia’s Creative Director Gary Bannister-Simm commented: “Sportage has played a key part in building the Kia brand over the years, so we used the theme of ‘building’ for our learning experience. The seamless transition between interactivity, video and 3D printing blurred the boundaries between fantasy and reality, opening up the learning experience in exciting new directions – as well as emphasising the ‘all-round’ nature of the Sportage as a multi-purpose vehicle. It gave a sense of flow to the learning experience – and the more seamless the experience, the greater the focus, and the better the retention of information.”

Karen Fagan, Head of Training at Kia Motors UK, said: “Working with mobedia is always a pleasure – on this occasion they created a bespoke piece of learning using innovation to encourage the learner throughout their journey. This unique learning strategy encourages the user to become fully immersed in the subject matter, which ensures a higher level of knowledge retention. mobedia worked hard to bring alive not only the spirit of the car, but also capture the nature of brand. The key to creating this level of learning experience is the collaboration between Kia and mobedia – not only are the results outstanding, but the process and execution of the project was enjoyable and fun too!”

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