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Mancunians are the most honest when it comes to unwanted Christmas Gifts

Mancunians have revealed the worst gifts they've received over the years

We’ve all faced the dilemma of what to do with an unwanted Christmas gift, but for straight talking Mancunians, honesty really is the best policy.

One in five would admit to the giver if they are not keen on a present and want to take it back, according to research by Campanile UK.

The cities most likely to tell the truth about an unwanted gift are:

  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

People from Hull are the most likely to keep quiet if they received a present they didn’t like, with just two percent of people telling the truth, closely followed by Leicester, Sheffield, Cardiff and Leeds.

The research also uncovered some of the worst gifts actually received in Manchester on Christmas morning, including:

  • A mop
  • Tony Blair DVD
  • A potato
  • Last year’s diary
  • An egg poacher – for a vegan!

Ranking high on the nice list were holidays, marriage proposals and the birth of a new baby daughter.

The purpose of the research was to find out what really makes Christmas magical to people in the UK and all Mancunians really want for Christmas is you, with almost half saying that it just wouldn’t be Christmas without family.

Mark Aldridge, Director of Operations Louvre Hotels Group UK said: “The findings reveal Manchester has some well-intended gift givers, as well as some more thoughtless but amusing choices! With so many unwanted gifts going to waste each year, we’d like to encourage people to make memories and spend time with each other, rather than buy expensive gifts.”

The budget hotel brand has launched its winter offer to make it more attainable for people to create wonderful moments and it is currently offering stays at all 17 Campanile UK hotels, including Manchester between 10th December and 31st January from just £29 a night.