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More Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Need to Find Calm in the Chaos says Global Wellness and Empowerment Coach

Liverpool-based Global Wellness and Empowerment Coach is excited to be taking to the stage at the business and empowerment event ‘Bee Inspired’ next week.

Finding Calm in the Chaos – “When We Go Within, We Won’t Go Without” Says Global Wellness and Empowerment Coach

Liverpool-based Global Wellness and Empowerment Coach, Laura Rowe, 38, is the Founder of Align Lifestyle and a trauma and cancer survivor. Next week, Laura is excited to be taking to the stage at the business and empowerment event ‘Bee Inspired’ held in Manchester and broadcast globally – the whole event is set to open up ‘challenging conversations that need to be had’.

On stage, Laura will share own health and wellbeing journey and her tips and everyday tricks to help others ‘find the calm in the chaos’ in the world around us, sharing her strategies for leading a tranquil life.

Laura believes that “if we don’t make time for wellness we will have to make time for our illness” – having herself battled cancer and on-going mental health struggles, she has lived experience of this, which sits alongside her professional knowledge which she now shares as part of her mission to divert others from a burnout path, she believes can be avoided.

Laura is an ex-NHS theatre practitioner, a health science specialist, and a trauma and cancer survivor, she is on a mission to help people rediscover who they are at their core, to see how truly powerful they are, and to gain emotional freedom by living intentionally, and finding calm in the chaos of life.

Laura said; “I am passionate about creating a society with less burnout, anxiety, stress… so we can be a nation more focused on health, wealth and happiness. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. I came through the trauma of cancer and I’m so very grateful to be healthy and live another day. It was a huge journey and I came through it with a determination to be devoted to my own wellness and teach others how to do the same. Most of us live in a “flight or fight” state every day. We’ve been through a pandemic, which has meant that the stresses and pressures of daily life have only increased. Add to that the fear that comes with the unknown and constant change and the world is now facing a mental health pandemic. I believe this session will introduce participants to an alternative way of living and give them some everyday tools to practise calm. It’s time to thrive, not just survive.”

Using science backed holistic modalities such as; meditation, breathwork, yoga, ayurveda, and mindset practices, Laura is now helping more of us embrace better health without it feeling like a chore.

5 Top Tips to Find Calm in the Chaos

1. Moments of Pause – The greatest gift you can give yourself is time. Try and schedule within your day, moments of pause – have a look at your schedule and see if you can create a time slot daily for a moment of calm and pause – whether that is on a morning or at lunch or regularly throughout the day… maybe you could set an alarm to remind you to take moment to pause and reflect. It’s also important to take regular breaks and have time off and things in the diary to look forward to.

2. Grounding – Grounding is a psychological resource for wellness that can help you reconnect with serenity when you need it the most. You can do this by taking your shoes off and putting your feet in the grass, connecting to the earth, and looking up to the sky. Or you can also do this with mindful colouring – it can induce the same relaxed state in the brain as meditation.

3. Distractions – it’s normal for the mind to race and it’s normal for us to feel distracted when life is noisy and busy. In order to bring the focus back in try to incorporate a daily meditation practice into your morning or evening routine. As little as ten minutes a day can see huge benefits around feelings of overwhelm. Also, if you are trying to focus on something and would prefer a serene workspace, maybe have times where you put your phone on mute or turn off notifications so you can manage when you look at them rather than your device dictating and distracting when you look at apps. Play music, shut your office door, change scenery – maybe go to a coffee shop to proactively work on one thing on your list… find what works for you…

4. Journaling – Making a list of healthy boundaries to protect your peace is a firm favourite with my clients, also reframing negative statements into positives. Some journal prompts can include: I recognise some things are out of my control, such as… Describe a situation you thought you would never overcome at the time and praise yourself for what you’ve achieved. Make a list of everything you are grateful for.

5. Switch Off – Being able to switch off at the end of each working day is vital for positive health and wellness. The quickest way to slow the heart rate and activate a relaxation response in the brain is with the breath. As little as 6 deep and full breaths can switch your mind-set and initiate calm. Deep breaths in through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth, almost like a sigh, for as long as you can. Really making those exhales longer than the inhales is a key ingredient in switching off after work.