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MotorVise Automotive helps dealership cope with “insane” demand for new cars

The five new recruits pictured with other Drive Vauxhall colleagues

MotorVise Automotive has supported a car dealership in the South West to recruit five new sales staff to meet the “insane” demand for new vehicles.

Michael Leatherbarrow, general manager of Drive Vauxhall Bristol, has deployed them across its two city dealerships after the recruitment day attracted hundreds of applications.

It was organised by MotorVise Automotive, based near Richmond, North Yorkshire, which narrowed down the flood of applicants to select final 30 candidates to attend the assessment day.

Fraser Brown, founder and managing director, said: “We are delighted to take care of Drive Vauxhall Bristol’s recruitment needs at what is a very busy time.

“We take care of the entire recruitment process leaving the dealer to focus on their day job of selling cars. Our recruitment days find people who are the right fit for the business in terms of attitude, personality, and people skills. With no limit on the number of candidates recruited, we offer excellent value for money, which is why many dealers, like Drive, keep coming back to us for their recruitment needs.”

Michael Leatherbarrow said: “The current demand for cars is incredible and delivering excellent customer service is very much the key. We have over recruited because we are so busy.

“It’s great to bring people into the industry and the guys here are already doing their on-the-job training, before continuing with bespoke classroom-based learning in the coming weeks.”

Michael, who has used the motor trade consultancy to deliver previous recruitment events, said it made the whole process extremely simple.

“They select the applicants best suited to our business. I enjoy the fact that you meet 30 people in the one day and offer the most talented an opportunity to progress their career with us in such an exciting industry.”

With the need to make the whole process Covid-secure, MotorVise Automotive also ensured that candidates underwent a Covid test and that social distancing guidelines were followed, as well as supplying masks and hand sanitiser.

He added: “I’ve now worked on five recruitment events with MotorVise, and they provide good value for money as well as saving dealerships a great deal of time and effort.

“The current demand for car sales is insane. It’s very, very, busy – and to maintain and sustain this level of interest you need great sales teams in place.

“This recruitment drive will enable us to continue selling cars and delivering excellent customer service to the many customers visiting our showrooms.”

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