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MP gives support to Manchester medical sock inovation

Manchester MP Lucy Powell
Manchester MP Lucy Powell undergoes scanning for cutting-edge Isobar Compression socks

Manchester MP Lucy Powell has exclusively visited the University Hospital of South Manchester, where she underwent and learnt about scanning technology producing cutting-edge bespoke Isobar compression garments, proven to reduce the risks of DVT for long haul or frequent flyers and medical complications associated with venous disease or leg swelling.

The MP for Manchester Central met with Professor of Vascular Surgery Charles McCollum to learn about the medical advances created by Isobar Compression and the research collaboration between surgery and advanced textile engineering at the University of Manchester.

Specialist textiles created Isobar Compression, using specialist textiles created by the University of Manchester’s Textiles Department combined with innovative 3D scanning, provided compression garments to over 80 British Olympians in Rio and the same technology is reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis from long haul flights for consumers and business travellers.

Advanced Therapeutic Materials, who manufacture Isobar Compression has also announced they have moved their production base to the Empress Business Centre in Old Trafford, choosing the site for their expansion due to Manchester’s reputation as a key UK textiles hub.

Isobar Compression designs and manufactures precise, custom fit compression garments by capturing thousands of personal data points on a leg or arm through a two-minute 3D scan, then a personalised garment is knitted by a computer-driven knitting machine to deliver the right pressure, bespoke fit and comfort for each individual customer or patient.

Lucy Powell MP said, “Manchester has long been regarded as the textiles centre of the UK and the technology being developed by Isobar Compression as well as their production base moving to the city is testament to the incredible reputation we have.

“Professor Charles McCollum is a world leader in vascular surgery and I was delighted to learn more about the technology he and his team have created as I underwent scanning.”

The MP for Manchester Central continued, “We take our health seriously and advanced technologies to protect and prevent against health problems are welcomed and I look forward to receiving and wearing my bespoke compression garments after my scan.”

Isobar Compression garments are worn by leading athletes around the world, including Olympic triathlon medallists Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, who recently announced they wear the garments for their significant travel requirements by their intense training and competition schedules.

The garments almost completely eliminate the risk of Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) from long-haul flights by manufacturing precise, custom fit compression garments for professional sportsmen and women as well as for medical, corporate and travel customers.

A 3D scan of the leg or arm is undertaken, with a personalised garment then made delivering the most accurate pressure, fit and comfort on the market.

Professor Charles McCollum, Professor of Surgery and Head of Academic Surgery at the University of Manchester and Isobar Chief Medical Advisor, added, “I was delighted to demonstrate the cutting-edge technology we have produced here at the University of Manchester to MP Lucy Powell. Her support for the unique garments we have produced using cutting edge technology and for our ambition to continue to push boundaries was hugely welcomed.

“Now, for the first time, we can deliver the precise pressures needed for each indication for the wearer of our compression garment, whether increasing performance and recovery for elite athletes, DVT prevention, or treating lymphoedema and leg ulcers. This is something that cannot be achieved by any existing compression stocking or bandaging system.”