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Museum Fit-Out Company At Forefront Of Experiential Attractions


Specialist museum workshop The Workhaus brings leading technology to experiential attractions across the UK.

The last few years have given rise to a new kind of experience. Marketing, retail and museum sectors are choosing to engage with experiential attractions to reach and engage new audiences.

High-tech equipment such as Virtual Reality, 3D printing and LEDs are becoming commonplace in a bid to maintain attention spans of millennials, Gen Z and those looking for a unique alternative to a traditional museum setting.

The Workhaus are a specialist museum fit out company Leeds who ‘bring creative vision to life’. Most of their team come from a theatre and arts background and they work closely with curators and designers to create and manufacture visually exciting visitor experiences.

After honing their skills in collections, exhibitions and visitor centres, Workhaus have found demand for their skills in an increasing number of sectors and industries, including hotels, architects and experiential marketing agencies.

For example, The Star Centre at The Leeds City College in Keighley allows students to spend a day looking at stars, launching rockets, building robots and collecting rock samples. The Workhaus team delivered everything from partition walling to audio visual software. They even created the bumpy surface of the planet itself for a truly unique and immersive experience.

“We must be the only museum fit-out company on earth that can claim to have worked on Mars” says Managing Director of The Workhaus, Jim Ibbetson.

Similarly, The Van Gough Experience has captured the imagination of a range of audiences. The pop-up was seen in London and York.

The Van Gogh Museum’s managing director Adriaan Dönszelmann explains:

“In our mission to develop and explore new ways to reach the audience, we have recognized an evident demand in the market for experiences.”

Workhaus are excited to take on whatever technical and creative challenges come their way as the traditional visitor attraction evolves into an experience.

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