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Networx3 UAV Drones Helping to Stop Sky-Rocketing Energy Bills for UK Businesses

Networx3 UAV Elios 2 drone conducting internal roof survey for solar panels

Networx3 UAV is helping businesses across the UK to beat sky-high energy bills.

Using two of the most advanced drones in its fleet Networx3 UAV’s professional drone pilots are conducting roof inspections on commercial premises ahead of solar panel installations.

Networx3 UAV have teamed up with fellow Lancashire firm Squirrel Energy who install electricity-generating solar panels for businesses who want to beat the energy crisis.

With most businesses feeling the financial pressure from rocketing gas and electricity bills green energy experts Squirrel have been inundated with new customers looking for ways to bring this unavoidable overhead down.

Networx3 UAV’s drone roof surveys are the first step on the road to tackling huge hikes in energy costs. In a few hours their inspection can give a green light to, or identify remediation work that needs to take place in advance of, a solar panel installation.

Networx3 UAV managing director and commercial drone pilot Ian Ashworth said: “Our crystal clear ‘eye in the sky’ drone footage has meant there’s no need for scaffolding and cherry pickers to access the roofs and survey them – that’s a big saving in terms of time and cost.

“Drones can get to places which are awkward, inaccessible and expensive to reach and beam back live video of what they find to our state-of-the-art mobile drone control centre vehicle allowing clients to direct the flight in real time.”

In the last three months Networx3 UAV have conducted drone roof surveys on warehouses, workshops and offices all over the UK including:

  • A vehicle import and logistics business on the banks of the River Humber in Immingham, Lincolnshire;
  • An accident repair centre in Telford, Shropshire;
  • A rubber products supplier in Thornton, Lancashire;
  • A car repair and maintenance business in Croydon, London;
  • A business finance specialist company in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Squirrel Energy managing director David Heys said: “If you’re going to put solar panels on the roof for 30 years you have to know the roof is in good shape to start with so that’s why it’s very important that we do a roof survey in advance.

“Some premises we go to will have multiple roofs and old and new buildings where structures have been knocked down, rebuilt and amended.

“The service that Networx3 UAV provide is fantastic; saving time and money for us and our customers.”

For roof survey work outdoors Networx3 UAV deploys its £28,000 Matrice 210 V2 RTK – which includes broadcast quality video, thermal imaging and high-definition cameras which can pick up an image the size of a postage stamp from a kilometre away.

The £32,000 Elios 2 drone, which works indoors, is encased in a cage and is the size and shape of a football. It is fitted with sensors that are designed to sense and avoid obstacles and sustain collisions.