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New App from Manchester’s UKFast Gives Website Owners Greater Visibility


Technology firm UKFast is today announcing the launch of a free website monitoring app, zuppit, providing a powerful new tool for users to increase visibility over their site.

zuppit was soft launched in 2018 and already has 4,600 active users. The app enables users to check the availability of any site and receive notifications if their service goes down, so they can take the necessary steps to get back online as soon as possible.

The service also monitors performance, giving website owners visibility over any fluctuations in the speed of webpage delivery.

As a 100% free service for both iOS and Android, zuppit allows users to add URLs and monitor them every minute with email and push notifications. There’s no limit to the number of URLs zuppit can monitor.

The new service also tracks uptime percentages for available services (HTTP, HTTPS & PING).

Tech analyst Gartner recently estimated that the average cost of IT downtime to businesses is approximately £4,300 per minute or £258,000 per hour, before reputational damage is taken into account.

UKFast CTO Neil Lathwood said: “Website owners do all they can to avoid downtime, but sometimes it happens outside of their control. It’s incredibly important for business owners and website admins to have a handle on their uptime and downtime. zuppit offers a massive amount of visibility, instantly, giving peace of mind to anyone with a stake in a website.

“The reputational and financial damage associated with website downtime is massive. zuppit is the perfect way of getting a better grasp on how slow site speeds and downtime could be negatively impacting on your business. Downtime is bad enough, not knowing your site is down is even worse!

“While other enterprise monitoring services are adding in additional costs, we’re delighted to offer this free service to help businesses in the fight against downtime.”

Download the app for free.