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New growth phase for Leeds marketing agency

Courtney West Marketing Executive

Leeds marketing agency, The Marketing Optimist, has hired Courtney West to expand the agency’s skill base as they continue to grow. She joins as the business moves to the new 2-Work offices at the grade II-listed Bank House in the centre of Leeds at the beginning of April.

Managing Director Richard Michie said, “I’m really excited to have Courtney join the team of optimists. She’s very driven and creative so I’m sure she’ll add lots of value to our clients’ campaigns and to the agency on the whole, as we move into a new phase of growth.”

Courtney said, “I’m really pleased to join the team, my passion is social media marketing, but I’m looking forward to learning more about the other aspects of digital marketing the agency delivers.”

The agency has fully embraced hybrid working, with the core team now spread across Yorkshire and the North East. The flexible office space at 2-Work gives the agency room to come together when needed, or have the flexibility to be inspired by working around other people in an office environment when working from home feels a little constricting.

Richard continued “When everything changed two years ago, I was reluctant to move fully remote, fearing that we’d lose creativity and cohesion. But it’s had the total opposite effect, we’re now more creative and productive than before. The fact that we have the flexibility to work from home or in the office as we please, has helped massively. Businesses that don’t offer that will struggle to cope in the future as people have got used to the new way of working and don’t want to move back.”

The agency is receiving lots of enquiries for social media marketing and website development as businesses wake up to the fact that they need to be adaptable to the growing demands of customers to be available across many platforms at all times, and they are looking to add more people to the team in the very near future.

The business’s initial focus on supporting Yorkshire businesses has now expanded, and they are supporting companies across the UK, USA and Europe with a range of digital marketing and PR services.