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New marketing agency founded by the in-house team of a trailblazing housing org is up for ‘Marketing Team of the Year’

Home Marketing – a PR, Marketing & Comms agency led by social impact and founded by the in-house team of Stockport Homes Group has been nominated for the ‘Marketing Team of the Year’ award at The Greater Manchester Business Awards. Despite their agency only launching in February, the team are up against renowned marketing teams for this award including the group behind Manchester Pride.

The team have received this nomination due to: winning several contracts in a short period of time, for their innovative work with a host of housing organisations and not-for-profits, and for already using their profits to help the local community.

Home Marketing or ‘Marketing by Home’ as the service’s website and social media handle is called, was founded following the recent successes of Stockport Homes Group’s marketing & PR department – who not only run the communications for Stockport Homes and their Group of companies but many similar organisations – the company formalised their external marketing service ready for expansion, under new name ‘Home Marketing’.

The new division is intended to help Stockport Homes Group to branch out into more commercial projects and inspire property and place companies to focus on social impact and be more community-led. The team that are posed for expansion after the award bid are looking to take on new work in the following areas: local authorities, housing associations, charities, partnerships and private companies working within the built environment.

As well as being part of Stockport Homes Ltd which is a not-for-profit organisation, the team offering full-service marketing, communications & PR are proud to be social impact marketers, they offer marketing-led social contribution support to a client’s community when they choose to work with them.

The team’s current clients include: Let Us: The Greater Manchester Ethical Lettings Agency, Shropshire Town and Rural Housing & Athena MCR. From strategy development to acting as an ‘in-house’ team on behalf of other companies, the team behind ‘Home’ offer a plug-in experience that covers every aspect of communications a company could need.

Stockport Homes Group is an umbrella organisation overseeing companies dedicated to meeting housing and social needs including Stockport Homes, Three Sixty, Viaduct Housing Partnership and more – all of the trailblazing companies and brands under this umbrella have the target of transforming lives for the people of Greater Manchester.

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