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New service launched for commercial kitchen fire prevention in fast food outlets


Workplace service provider, Direct365, has launched a new nationwide programme for the fast food sector to ensure fire and hygiene standards for commercial kitchens meet regulation.

Cooking appliances are one of the main causes of commercial fires. Heat, electricity, water, and grease combined creates a significant hazard, and kitchen ducts are areas where grease significantly builds up in areas where it can’t be seen or easily accessed.

The new Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning service is available across the country and is specific to the ductwork areas of environment.

Kathryn Skinner, Managing Director at Direct365 said: “Kitchen areas are subject to strict regulation as it is an environment that presents a number of fire hazards. Some of the dangers are not easy to spot, particularly in kitchen ductwork so it’s important they are regularly cleaned as a build-up of grease and grime only needs a low ignition point before catching fire. This area is also subject to the same hygiene requirements and issues with accessing ductwork means it’s not cleaned as easily as other kitchen surfaces and appliances.”

The specialist service is compliant with the UK legal requirements which states employers must provide suitable ventilation in enclosed environments, such as kitchens, where fumes, heat and vapour can create fire and hygiene risks.
Direct365 has also ensured that the service follows the best practice from the TR19 guidelines, set by the Building Engineering Services Association.

The service is available for businesses nationwide. For companies which are busy during the day, the cleaning can be completed overnight, and the team use tools equipped with a camera to show the work in action.